Network Marketing Problem – Your Downlines Are Leaving You?

Written by Farid Aziz

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Finally, could you recall how exactly did you approach them?

Did you tell them that they could earn big money without doing anything? No wonder they do nothing but just sit around and wait to seerepparttar check coming…

Did you tell them that they would succeed without spending a dime? That explains why they don’t advertise professionally…

Did you also tell them that they would get rich quickly through your Network Marketing program? That’s why they are not persistent enough to hang around…

OK, now what if you didrepparttar 134839 right thing - you’ve built good communications with your downlines, you’ve made training calls regularly for them and you did approach them with no hypes nor gimmicks fromrepparttar 134840 beginning– but they still quit?

Then they are just not who you are looking for to build your Network Marketing business with. You don’t need them. Believe me.

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Helping your Downline -- The Key to YOUR Success

Written by Alvin Davis

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2) Pass along your resources and contacts. Many MLMers have discovered thatrepparttar biggest trick to marketing is understanding when to let others dorepparttar 122619 work for them. If you have discovered a good marketing or promotion deal, let your downline know about it. The same goes for any other resources (advice, articles, software programs, etc.) that have helped you inrepparttar 122620 past.

3) Pass along your experience. The best gift you can give your downline is your knowledge and expertise. After all, you've been throughrepparttar 122621 process -- they haven't. If you can pass along your experience and advice to your downline, it will help them avoid any potential problems. This, of course, will make them forever grateful to you!

The most important thing to remember when dealing with your downline is this: Their success is YOUR success. By helping them in any way you can, you will not only help build your reputation and credibility -- you will build your profits!

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