Network Marketing: Smart Business Concept for Home Business Success

Written by Kelvin Shaw

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Franchise like Opportunity withoutrepparttar RISKS! With franchise opportunities, you have to invest a large sum of money in order to get started withrepparttar 122491 opportunity. This is a major draw-back for many budding entrepreneurs home-based or other wise. You also will need working capital to getrepparttar 122492 business up and running. These two factors arerepparttar 122493 major stoppers for most people. However,repparttar 122494 upside is that you will be purchasing a business model that has already been proven to work. You also will have to be their every day to ensurerepparttar 122495 success of your franchise. This is your new job. Once you have made your first venture a success, you can expand that success by purchasing another franchise and duplicating what you done in your first venture to ensurerepparttar 122496 success of your second venture. Afterrepparttar 122497 success of your second venture you can then repeatrepparttar 122498 process and hire managers to run your other franchises. If this is done successfully you may become a franchise Billionaire Tycoon but how long will this take isrepparttar 122499 question?

Onrepparttar 122500 other hand, network marketing opportunities cost far less than franchises. With mlm opportunities, you get a proven business system providingrepparttar 122501 company have been in business 5 or more years, financially stable, well managed, and support its network marketers. Let me also say that there are some risks involved with mlm companies as well but they are minimal as compared to franchises. Read your company’s policies very carefully and abide by them when conducting your business.

Once you become successful enough, you can then hire employees, which will add more risk, or outsource some or all of your marketing and/or office duties to free up more of your time for your family and other personal matters.

Network marketing, in comparison to franchises, gives you a proven system without a huge financial investment and minimal risk is involved. Therefore, I say that for average people, network marketing is a Smart Business Concept that levelsrepparttar 122502 field for everyone to earn extra income and build wealth fromrepparttar 122503 comfort of home.

Special Skills As inrepparttar 122504 previous paragraph, a franchisee will needrepparttar 122505 necessary business skills to run their new venture to ensure its success. However, a network marketer needs no special skills to run their multi-level business opportunity. Any skill a network marketer may need, they can learn while running their mlm business from their marketing plan. If no such marketing plan exists forrepparttar 122506 company you choose to join then I strongly suggest you find another company FAST!

In conclusion, network marketing makes smart business sense for anyone wishing to start a home-based business. The benefits are many such as, it cost next to nothing to get started, you get a proven system like you would if you bought a franchise opportunity, and you can be in profit in months rather than in years. Therefore, if you desire more income while still working a 9 to 5 job, or to build your retirement income then you, my friend, should seriously consider network marketing as your vehicle for you and your family’s financial well being.

Kelvin R. Shaw is CEO of Global Team Success whose slogan is GTS – Connecting You to SUCCESS! (dba Shaw Marketing International), is a part-time freelance writer marketing FREE successful home-based business opportunities in Orlando, Florida. Visit his sites at and or reach him at Kelvin

The MLM Revolving Door Syndrome

Written by Linda J Bruton

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What does or does not work is their personal success system. A good network marketer can earn a huge income in evenrepparttar worst of programs, withrepparttar 122490 poorest compensation plans. Butrepparttar 122491 best program inrepparttar 122492 world is not going to work for someone who doesn't understand how to be a successful network marketer and businessperson!

Some of these people finally do learn how to be successful. Usually it is only after wasting a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, most people finally quit in disgust and go out and give network marketing a bad name to their friends and family! And that makes it allrepparttar 122493 harder forrepparttar 122494 rest of us.

How many prospects have you talked to who tell you that their best friend "lost his shirt" in one of those "MLM pyramid scams?"

Contrary to popular belief, it takes training and education and investment to become a successful network marketer. No doctor was born withrepparttar 122495 knowledge of how to practice medicine. Nor was any successful network marketer born withrepparttar 122496 knowledge of successful recruiting and downline support.

Network marketing requires knowledge of effective marketing techniques, salesmanship, and basic business skills. If you are doing it online, it also requires computer and Internet skills, too.

On top of that, it requiresrepparttar 122497 ability to work with people,repparttar 122498 ability to follow a plan, discipline, and ongoing investment.

Fortunately, withrepparttar 122499 proper training, none of this is very difficult to learn. We hear a lot about "duplication" in this industry. And that is really all duplication is: learning effective techniques, using them, and teaching your downline to do exactlyrepparttar 122500 same thing.

As professionals, it is essential that we pass that along torepparttar 122501 downline we are building. I am tired of seeing so many newcomers pass throughrepparttar 122502 revolving door. And I'm tired of hearing people refer to our business as a "pyramid scam."

Network marketing is a wonderful business. Almost anyone can learn to do it effectively and profitably if they are taught and if they haverepparttar 122503 desire.

It offers average peoplerepparttar 122504 means to a large income without a large initial investment. (But that doesn't mean it doesn't require investment). And it offers usrepparttar 122505 personal freedom and time to pursue other goals in life, unlike most corporate jobs.

This isrepparttar 122506 real message we should be sharing with prospects, notrepparttar 122507 hype that abounds online. We may sponsor a few less people. But I suspect that we won't be sponsoring so many people that are in and out ofrepparttar 122508 revolving door giving our business a bad name.

Linda Bruton has been a full-time network marketer for over 15 years. Be sure to visit her Network Marketing Tips weblog for weekly tips, tricks, secrets and resources for building a full-time MLM business online.

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