Need a SEM Strategy? You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Web Business

Written by David Howlett

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Of course there are still plenty of other ways to drive traffic to a website. Carefully planned, page-by-page keyword optimisation will work but it takes time and effort and if you’re paying someone to do it, you won’t seerepparttar results instantly.

But is all this really such a problem? Search engine marketing has always been a cat and mouse game. If you believerepparttar 128283 mediarepparttar 128284 cold winds of change have arrived andrepparttar 128285 easy to get website visitors have gone and gone for good. However many successful website owners will know there never were any easy website visitors, only focused ones that would convert into something useful.

The real question is: how does all this affectrepparttar 128286 average small business website? My experience isrepparttar 128287 real enemy here is fear. Many website Owner’s have worked hard to make their websites successful and they’re terrified that in one swoop all their efforts will be worthless. Should they be worried? If they’ve developed a broad holistic search engines strategy then probably not. But if they rely on their visitors from dozen of links pages they may have a problem and their businesses may suffer.

So how do you go about getting a SEM strategy? It needn’t be anything complex. Nor even anything you even need to write down. You just need get it straight in your mind how you’re going to approachrepparttar 128288 problem of getting you site a good listing onrepparttar 128289 search engines.

Are you going to ask someone to do it for you? Are they prepared to tell you in detail how they will go aboutrepparttar 128290 task? Will you be doingrepparttar 128291 work yourself? How will you learn what needs to be done? How much time do you have?

These are all questions you need to be thinking about when developing your SEM strategy. The most important thing is knowledge. Whatever method you choose to carry out this vital task you will need to have some understanding ofrepparttar 128292 subject. There are several websites such as Search Engine Watch, or Search Engine Guide, who have extensive resources to help you develop your strategy.

Need an SEM Strategy? Maybe you don’t but you’re web business does. Whatever happens things are going to get a whole lot tougher inrepparttar 128293 race to getrepparttar 128294 visitors on your site and a well considered SEM strategy will give you a fighting chance.

David Howlett is an independent web consultant based in the UK. David helps clients get more qualified visitors and then convert them into action.

Are you using both sides of the GoogleCoin?

Written by Jason Hulott

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They don't explorerepparttar high value keywords in their market or niche.

Why do that?

Well if you knew whatrepparttar 128282 more profitable keywords and terms are, you can write content and these words can be displayed. Google Adsense will then look at your page content and work out what to display.

You could double your income by changing words on your site. Maybe Life insurance to life assurance or personal loan to loans or adverse credit to bad credit.

Also sites tend to use one format and one position forrepparttar 128283 ads.

Test, test, test

Try different layouts and work out which ones work best for you. You may be surprised.

Test, test, test

There are several tools that can help you identify keywords butrepparttar 128284 best for you would be eitherrepparttar 128285 Google Adwords program or Overture view bids tool.

Don't worry about thinking you are doing anything wrong. In fact, think about it - you will be creating relevant content for Google to display and for their users to read. Users are happy, Google are happy and you will earn more revenue from Adsense. So hopefully you'll be happy too!

A Win Win situation!

Again, like most things rather than reinventrepparttar 128286 wheel there is a whole book on Adsense written my friend William Charlwood has written The Definitive Guide to Google AdSense which tells you exactly how to make money by hosting small ads on your website. It is a detailed road-map of everything you need to do to get going and then maximise your AdSense income.

Once you've got it right, you can look forward to a check every month from Google.

Check this out here:

So there you are, there are two sides torepparttar 128287 Google coin.

Are you using both sides!

Good Luck!

Jason Hulott is Director of J2 Squared, leading specialists in Internet consultancy whose specific aim is to drive more revenue to websites. Their main area of focus are the insurance, finance, and automotive industries.

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