Need a New Idea? Try Changing Your Perspective

Written by Michele Pariza Wacek

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Ships are big money-sucking machines when they aren't at sea actually doing their job -- shipping merchandise. And when aren't they working? When they're sitting in port being loaded and unloaded.

So,repparttar industry came up with way to preload merchandise on land. Now a ship comes in,repparttar 108026 container carryingrepparttar 108027 cargo rolls off, a new container already loaded with cargo rolls on, andrepparttar 108028 ship heads back to sea.

That one innovation saved an entire industry. And it happened because shipping executives changedrepparttar 108029 way they viewed their problem.

Creativity Exercise -- Change your perspective So, how can you change your perspective and solve your business/marketing problems?

Try whatrepparttar 108030 shipping industry did and changerepparttar 108031 question.

Instead of looking at a narrow part ofrepparttar 108032 problem ("In what ways can we make ships more economical while at sea?") broadenrepparttar 108033 question ("In what ways can we reduce costs in general?")

Here's another example.

Maybe your question is "how can I land more clients?" What if you started broadeningrepparttar 108034 question like so:

How can I land more clients?

How can I grow my business?

How can I make more money from my business?

How can I make more money period?

How can I be happier in my life? (I know, I know, money doesn't buy happiness. But it's certainly nice to have.)

Maybe one of those questions is a better place to look for a solution. Because maybe one of those questions isrepparttar 108035 "real" question you want to solve, but since you never took a step back to look atrepparttar 108036 big picture, you've never discoveredrepparttar 108037 right question to ask.

And if you don't askrepparttar 108038 right question, your muse will never give you an answer that actually solves your problem.

Michele Pariza Wacek is the author of "Got Ideas? Unleash Your Creativity and Make More Money." She offers two free e-zines that help subscribers combine their creativity with hard-hitting marketing and copywriting principles to become more successful at attracting new clients, selling products and services and boosting business. She can be reached at

Long Copy Sales Letters on the Web: Hype or Not?

Written by Nick Usborne

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This happens to us when we WANT to hear what we are hearing. When we WANT it to be true. When we allow ourselves to dream.

This is how hype works. It deepens our state of submission and creates a state of almost dreamlike optimism.

And it works.

The significant downside to this approach is that most of us wake up fromrepparttar dream and find thatrepparttar 108025 promises were empty. Or, to put it another way, we boughtrepparttar 108026 ticket, but didnít winrepparttar 108027 lottery.

So if your aim is to build long-term relationships with your readers, prospects and customers, using hype is notrepparttar 108028 way to go.

>> Long copy style #2: Selling with a Human Connection

The second style of long copy approach is quite different. Again, these are often stand-alone pages, many screens long. Again, youíll findrepparttar 108029 headings,repparttar 108030 subheads, indents and testimonials.

But youíll find a very different approach inrepparttar 108031 writing style.

If you have ever read a sales letter from Bill Bonner, Ken Evoy or Allan Gardyne... this isrepparttar 108032 kind of writing Iím talking about.

These are still long, enthusiastic letters...andrepparttar 108033 pace still draws you down, line after line.

But here are some differences, and they are very significant.

- Withinrepparttar 108034 text you will hearrepparttar 108035 genuine voice ofrepparttar 108036 writer. Youíre not being sold with copy written byrepparttar 108037 ĎDream-O-Matic 2000í Ė youíre being sold by a recognizable human voice,repparttar 108038 voice of Bill, Ken or Allan.

- You are not succumbing to that state of dreamlike submission and suspending your critical faculties. You remain quite rational and quite clear in your thinking.

- You are hearing a voice that sounds and feels infinitely more trustworthy.

- You donít have to suspend your disbelief. Instead, you feel comfortable and believe what you are reading.

Atrepparttar 108039 end of a letter like this, you make a or not to buy. And itís a choice you are much less likely to regret.

Online sales letters like these arerepparttar 108040 children of traditional direct response letter writing. Good direct mail letters are written in this second way Ė by making a genuine connection withrepparttar 108041 reader and earning his or her trust.

There is a big upside to this second approach. It builds trust and loyalty. If your strategy is to build a list of happy prospects and customers who will come back again and again, this isrepparttar 108042 style you will want to adopt.

>> Conclusions

Long copy works, and it works in more than one way.

If you can reach a big enough readership (no small feat) and want to make big money, right now, hype might work for you.

But if you want to build a long-term list of repeat customers... be yourself and write to your audience with an enthusiasm that is built on a foundation of honesty and respect for your readers.

Nick Usborne is a copywriter, author, speaker and advocate of good writing. You can access all his archived newsletter articles on copywriting and writing for the web at his site. You'll find more articles and resources on how to make money as a freelance writer at

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