Need Fresh Website Content? Syndication May be Just the Answer You're Looking For!

Written by Merle

Continued from page 1 icker/ Uses a Java applet that will give yourepparttar latest headlines.

Comic Feeds Work by talented cartoonists you can add to your pages free. Enjoyrepparttar 132043 work of over 40 cartoonists free. Syndicated cartoon guaranteed to offend and entertain. Updates itself automatically every 24 hours.

Weather Feeds Displays current time and weather forrepparttar 132044 city you select. Free to use; gives weather conditions for whatever zip code is typed intorepparttar 132045 box.

Daily Tips & Fun Stuff: ipoftheday.shtml Updated every 24 hours. The tips provided are on banner advertising; what works and what doesn't. Fresh fun and free content that's family oriented. Choose from daily facts, daily chuckles, and more. Addrepparttar 132046 top 10 software downloads to your site by filling inrepparttar 132047 short form and pastingrepparttar 132048 code given onto your page. Add Dr. Wilson's weekly column on website marketing by adding two lines of javascript to repparttar 132049 page where you want it to appear.

If you write short articles and would like to see your content in syndication and appearing on other's websites you can submit your 400 to 1,200 word articles to and attach a photo (80X105). If chosen your articles will be added to live feed.

You also may be interested in purchasing software to syndicate your own content. Check out "Master Syndicator" which makes it easy to start syndicating your own content. Selling for only 99.00 it runs on UNIX or Linux servers. For more info go to

So next time your website needs some fresh content you may want to seriously consider using syndicated content. Why not benefit from someone elses work? Your website visitors will keep coming back for more, and you won't have to work so hard at keeping things fresh.

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Increase YOUR Sponsoring Ability

Written by Laurie Dyke

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1. How to build your support group.

Contact people who have similar interests...Remember, it is sometimes acceptable to contact people through their ads. This is one way to get started. If you see an ad for a program you belong to, write to that person and share your experiences. Let them know that you are interested in having someone to discuss different programs with, and then see if they respond. If they don't, try with someone else. Don't spam someone who is not interested...There are enough people who are. When they write back, start a communication about what you are trying to accomplish onrepparttar intenet, what your life is like, whatever you feel comfortable with...Ask them what programs they are involved with, or their website address, and REALLY check them out...Don't just say you it. Then you can write and discuss these things with them knowledgably, until you begin to build a trust, or friendship.

You can also write to people whose websites you admire....I don't know anyone who would not like to hear comments about their sites...They work very hard to bring them to you and like to know that work was appreciated. It's a great way to build contacts.

2. Keep in touch with people you come in contact with...

If you get a message from an upline member on a new program, write back! Let them know who you are, what you're like, and your goals...They are real people too! I met some of my best internet buddies through welcome letters, and that goes for your downline too...Always contact people who sign up for your programs, to let them know your door is always open, and that you LIKErepparttar 132042 personal contact...Encourage them to write you.

3. Do not "group" your contacts

Don't send "getting to know you" emails to more than one person at a time...It's rude and will not help in building a lasting relationship. Each of my discussion buddies is an individual, and I have different relationships with them all. This is not to say that you can't send a new opportunity to more than one of them at a time, as long as you have a trusting relationship with each of them, and know that they won't spam your other buddies.

Valuerepparttar 132043 friendships that you build and don't abuse them...Make sure you keep in touch with these people on a personal basis, more than a "check this out" one...Once you build these relationships, you will have them forever. It is a great gift that you don't want to lose.

In truth, those simple things listed above wererepparttar 132044 secret to my success...just a little attitude adjustment on my part, to treat people like "real people" and not just some anonymous robot onrepparttar 132045 other end...Try it...It really works!!

I truly hope these simple rules will help you succeed...Feel free to contact me at any time...I LOVE building personal Please visit my website at for allrepparttar 132046 free resources you need...

Laurie Dyke

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