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Written by Jane Tabachnick

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-Graphics: a heart association logo*; a heart shape; a heartbeat image -Themes opics: healthy heart/lifestyle, recognizing symptoms of heart problems -Tips: diet, exercise/ lifestyle, checkups, recipes -Public Service: Raise awareness, learn cpr, donate

A business like our accounting firm can provide a public service announcement and they can customizerepparttar information to their expertise by providing answers torepparttar 124215 following questions:

If you join a health club, is that a tax-deductible expense? A nutritionist? Is installing a gym on site for your employees tax deductible? Did you know improving your health can translate to lower premiums on life insurance?

Questions like these can also be formatted into tips, which can then be offered to other publishers as content, increasing their exposure and further establishing themselves as experts. Canít find a holiday to suit your business goals? Create one! All you need to do is come up with a theme and a name, and declare it! Who knows, maybe one day Hallmark will immortalize it with a line of cards to send out for your holiday. In any event, have fun and keep those ezines full of celebrations and great content.

Everyone loves an excuse to celebrate so why not berepparttar 124216 inviter;repparttar 124217 business that follows is an added benefit torepparttar 124218 good will you inspire.

*Please make sure you have necessary permission before using an image or content.

Jane Tabachnick is an e-marketer and email virtuoso. She is the author of Plain Janeís Promotional Planner 2004, the ultimate resource guide for marketers, retailers, ezine publishers, fundraisers and anyone who needs to generate more business; it contains over 2000 holidays and events- each one a promotional opportunity. She can be reached at mail @

Brazil's first Nobel Peace Prize

Written by O GLOBO

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Peace Prize Diploma andrepparttar Nobel Peace Prize Medal... SITE:

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