Need Business Home Work?

Written by Gerard Bulger

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7. Be fully aware your business home work start up costs, is special software needed, if so can it be found free onrepparttar Internet, don't listen to those 'you must have this to succeed' adverts, most information and services can be found free. But also take into account of any monthly subscriptions fees if you join a MLM company, for example do you get more commission from your first couple of levels or is it all inrepparttar 105670 lower levels that you may never reach.

8. When advertising your business home work avoid such organizations as FFA (free-for-all), your email may then be given to thousands of spam companies that don't care about you, your email inbox will soon be full of rubbish, if something sounds to true to be good it normally is.

9. If your going into MLM take your time, look for a service that you will be happy with, then look for a sponsor that will support you, ask for proof, do they have newsletters, support websites etc. Will they help, guide and form a business relationship with you.

10. I can't stress this point enough, be willing to learn and re-learn with your business home work, if something isn't working for you then change it, even if you have to start again, take your experiences and learn from them.

Good Luck.

Gerard Bulger is an IT Consultant who has been studying the work at home Internet business market for several years, he also writes on self-help and the esoteric sciences. He can be found at and the Free Resource

Three Network Marketing Mistakes That Destroy Down-line Growth

Written by Jim Lynn

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3. Compensation Plans:

The third misconception operates onrepparttar premise thatrepparttar 105669 Com- pensation Plan will attract people to begin a business. But "Comp. Plans" are a dime a dozen, there are literally hundreds.

Why should people be attracted to your Comp. Plan over another? Besides, Comp Plans can do nothing to start a business, that's our job.

Truth is, if any of these misconceptions actually worked,repparttar 105670 NWM industry would be permeated with millionaires and success stories...It is not!


If there is any one thing that does permeaterepparttar 105671 minds of NWM Distributors, it is frustration over lack of down-line growth and sales.

It's notrepparttar 105672 industry. The NWM principle is solid and easy to use. But withoutrepparttar 105673 knowledge of knowing what to do, knowing how to do it, and havingrepparttar 105674 right tools to do it with...90% of all NWM Distributors are sadly destined to quit their business in frustration.

Sure, Distributors may continue to buy products now and then, but inwardly, many have given up all hope of ever reaching their dream.

So you can imaginerepparttar 105675 look of surprise and delight onrepparttar 105676 faces of Distributors in my audience when I told them these things, and shared seven, proven "Rules of The Road" necessary when building a downline organization.

Permission is granted byrepparttar 105677 author to reproduce this article in its entirety, without making amendments torepparttar 105678 title, body or credit line.

Jim Lynn is the author of "Real World Secrets Behind America's Most Successful (And Profitable) People Who Network.

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