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Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

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One ofrepparttar first things I go over with our students regarding our telephone script is that they must learn to listen, and I mean really listen. You can tell a lot about your customer just by hearing what they are saying. Also be sure you ask their name, and then use it now and then. Donít overuse their name because this can become very annoying. My philosophy is if I hate it, so will someone else.

Be sure to ask questions to encourage them to talk about themselves. Empathize. However, donít do a lot of talking until you are sure you understand. Let them dorepparttar 127232 majority of talking.

If you pick a certain time frame to make your calls, or do a certain number of calls in a row, try to say it a little differently each time. If you donít you will start to sound stale, lose your happy voice and sound as if you are reading a script. So if this starts to occur, take a break, or stop forrepparttar 127233 day.

As we discussed earlier in this article if your product is a high end one you will make several calls to establish a relationship. Once you have done this, and they remember who you are, introduce something new about your product. Keep a record of your calls, and details of what you discussed previously, so that you know where you stand when you call again. When I worked for a franchise company, I kept a record of every call that came in from franchisees or calls I made. First, my employer was amazed atrepparttar 127234 amount of knowledge I had about franchisees at my fingertips, and more importantrepparttar 127235 franchisees felt like they wererepparttar 127236 only one, I knew them so well.

Usingrepparttar 127237 telephone can help you get repeat business. For certain products, you can call customers to see how they are doing withrepparttar 127238 product. Maybe there are additional questions you could answer or problems you might be able to solve.

If everything is going well, you have a excellent opportunity to introduce your newest product, and hopefully, make another sale. This is also a great time to ask for referrals. Even ifrepparttar 127239 follow up call doesnít pay off right away, you are building a relationship with this customer. Remember it is a lot easier to keep a customer happy than to find another one. Your follow-up also builds credibility with your customers.

Doingrepparttar 127240 above will give your business a boost.

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Headlines Bring Sales--Where and How to Use Them

Written by Judy Cullins

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Sample titles that sell: "Increase your Traffic and Web Sales Five Times in 30 Days," "Ten Roadblocks BetweenYou and a Real Life," "Cold Calling: The Reverse Selling Way," and "Speak Like a Pro For Profit." Noticerepparttar benefits.

Within your book your chapter titles are also examples of headlines. These are so important to guiderepparttar 127231 reader through your information in an organized, compelling style. They help focus your reader and make your book easy-to-read, a great selling point. Since your chapter titles evolve into your table of contents, make them stimulate your possible buyer to pay for your book right now. These are what my eBook calls "Essential Hot-Selling Points."

In one client's chapter "You're Having No Fun and it Makes You Sick" from a book on how relationships can be hazardous to your health, she offered these headings: "No One Told You? You Put Off Fun Til Later? He Healed Himself with Laughter! Are You Stuck inrepparttar 127232 Muck? and Stretch Your Fun Muscles."


Just as with your chapter titles, every section of your ezine needs a headline. For instance, "Feature Article ofrepparttar 127233 Month," "Business Tip ofrepparttar 127234 Month," or "Publisher's Message." These are listed in your ezine's table of contents nearrepparttar 127235 top ofrepparttar 127236 ezine. They give your prospective reader benefit- driven headlines to attract them to read on.


Since headlines arerepparttar 127237 most important part of your home page and sales letters on your Web site, think about your site now. If you don't have headlines on your home page that lead your visitor straight to your product or service sales letter and order page, you probably have low sales.

Why will visitors buy from you? They certainly don't care about your bio, your mission or purpose. They won't stay if your home page opens with a large graphic. Your potential customers want to learn more about how you can solve their problem, and that demands dazzling, meaty headlines.

For an eBook, one author put this headline on his home page: Want to Know How to Add 200 New Subscribers Each Month?" This headline led Web potential buyers straight to his sales letter and links to whererepparttar 127238 Online promotion product was sold.

For a Feng Shui Kit one client put this home page headline and link to her product sales letter on her home page: "Do you Missrepparttar 127239 Sacred in Your Daily Life? Rediscover it with "The Sacred Collection." In her sales letter she wrote more headlines and bullets for specific benefits throughout her sales letter.


Reciprocal Web link exchanges are a win-win in business, since this is one way to optimize your search engine placement. When you agree with another Web site to exchange links, offer both a short and long version of your link. Inrepparttar 127240 longer one, be sure to place a benefit-driven headline withrepparttar 127241 URL and a free offer. These annotated links stand out fromrepparttar 127242 crowd and give visitors more information to make a decision.

When you add zesty, power-packed headlines to anything your write or use to promote yourself and your business, you will attract your target potential buyers who evolve into buyers.

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