Need A Job To Call Your Own?

Written by Kathy Thompson

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Physiognomy is a science dating back to Hippocrates andrepparttar Han Dynasty. Face Reading reveals a person's personality, past, destiny. Certain personality traits are best suited for specific careers. Entrepreneurs should be risk takers, ambitious, confident, innovative, analytical. Teachers should be tolerant, tactful, optimistic, confident. Sales people should be friendly, physical, tactful, domineering, objective. Managers need to be Self-Confident,analytical, possessive, domineering, impersonal. Each trait is seen inrepparttar 125563 face.

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Six Easy Ways to Protect Your Privacy

Written by Myrtle Welch

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4. Telecommunications Try to opt out of caller identification services. Caller ID allows you to see numbers before you pick uprepparttar phone - you can choose not to answer. There are blocking mechanisms to prevent your number from being displayed when you phone out. Be aware that when you dial 800 and900 numbers,repparttar 125562 firm may match your number to your name and address to add to customers lists for marketing.

Cellular and cordless phone conversations are easily monitored. Do not reveal credit card numbers or other personal information when using these phones.

5. Direct Marketing Ask organizations you do not wish to receive mail from to remove your name from their lists. Contactrepparttar 125563 Direct Marketing Association to have your name removed fromrepparttar 125564 lists of DMA members. Hitrepparttar 125565 `remove' URL from unsolicited email and blockrepparttar 125566 address.

6. Identification Do not permit merchants to record your credit or charge card number on personal checks. Exceptions are special purposes that you have pre-approved, such as emergency check cashing. Do not write your telephone number on credit or charge card slips.

For additional ways to protect your privacy as a consumer, contact your local or state consumer protection agency. Addresses and phone numbers can be found atrepparttar 125567 website.

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