Necessary Ingredients to Transformation

Written by Sebastian

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Support & Confirmation If you were going to jump off a cliff into unknown waters wouldn't you want to be able to speak to someone who has already jumped off that cliff? For years I languished atrepparttar edge of this cliff feeling alienated fromrepparttar 122397 world, but not knowing how, or feeling able to move on. One day I met someone who was ready to leap as well and immediately we were both launched into a rapid series of transformational experiences... I don't think it would have been possible withoutrepparttar 122398 mutual support we gave to each other. This isrepparttar 122399 main impetus behindrepparttar 122400 founding of WFIH (Worldwide Fellowship of Integral Humans). I urge you to userepparttar 122401 resources onrepparttar 122402 site to hook up with others onrepparttar 122403 Journey, and to share your experiences. It could make allrepparttar 122404 difference to someone at a critical time. The Course In Miracles says, "To have peace, give peace"... and we can extrapolate... to have Love, give Love. To have a friend, be a friend. To get support, give support. You do not have to feel you are far advanced to reach out and give support or information or just a loving acceptance or embrace. Just as importantly, someone who is new torepparttar 122405 Path or even a child can reveal an enlightening truth at any time. Out ofrepparttar 122406 mouths of babes... It is spiritual pride to close yourself off fromrepparttar 122407 possibility of seeing Truth in anything and everything. Inquisitiveness & Radical Honesty Developrepparttar 122408 ability to question everything. Bring every motive and avoidance of reality torepparttar 122409 light of truth in a radically honest way. Learn to face life with open arms and open eyes. This will rapidly change your perception ofrepparttar 122410 world and yourself. Deep contemplative inquiry allows us to discover and dismantle our story and our programs or patterns. Questioning works especially well on belief systems that we have adopted through our cultural / social conditioning. For an excellent book on 'self inquiry' seerepparttar 122411 book by A H Almaas onrepparttar 122412 Self Stream page.

All of these avenues can be explored further in different places onrepparttar 122413 WFIH website... seerepparttar 122414 Body Work page,repparttar 122415 Energy Work page, Emotional Clearing page & Integral Spirituality page. There are courses and tests and information available as well. (see below)

Sebastian, Founder of Worldwide Fellowship of Integral Humans (a grassroots organization encouraging personal and global evolution) Student of Spirituality for 35 years, Writer & Spiritual Counselor.

What is Feng Shui, and How Does It Work?

Written by Stephanie Roberts

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In a retail store, feng shui problems can blockrepparttar flow of customers into and throughrepparttar 122396 store, contribute to theft and staffing problems, and have a negative effect onrepparttar 122397 amount and size of sales.

Feng shui provides tools and guidelines for analyzing and correctingrepparttar 122398 flow of energy into and through our space. It usesrepparttar 122399 arrangement of rooms andrepparttar 122400 placement of furniture to create a smooth pathway for chi through a home, office, or retail location. Blockages and other forms of negative chi are removed or counteracted in order to welcome in opportunities and encourage progress. Colors and shapes associated withrepparttar 122401 five elements-wood, fire, earth, metal, and water-are used to create movement, balance, or protection, depending onrepparttar 122402 needs ofrepparttar 122403 client. Imagery and objects such as paintings, photographs, statuary and other accessories are chosen and placed to enhance and reinforcerepparttar 122404 client's intention.

Feng Shui reminds us that everything is connected, and that our physical surroundings have a significant impact on our mind, body, and spirit. It teaches us to be mindful caretakers of our environments, so that we may be mindful caretakers of our lives.

Copyright 2002 Stephanie Roberts

Stephanie Roberts is the author of the popular Fast Feng Shui book series. Subscribe to the Fast Feng Shui newsletter and receive Feng Shui tips in every issue. Visit Fast Feng

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