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Written by Ryan Hoback

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Remember it is all about getting noticed, we need to create ads that resonate onrepparttar minds and hearts of our viewing audience. We need to focus on where people are going to first see our product/service to make an immediate lasting impact. To help promote impact in our ads we concentrate on methods create memorable responses. Our ads need to contain a benefit torepparttar 140399 viewer, and a strong visual vocal point. Good usage of colors and contrast can enhance their memory ofrepparttar 140400 ad.

Developing a repetitive campaign with a high-frequency of viewings is also beneficial torepparttar 140401 customer creating a mental relationship with our product/service. The law of “3” has long applied to visual and audio advertising. That is, if a target customer can read your message 3 times in a short period of time, or hear your ad 3 times, it will increaserepparttar 140402 chances of them rememberingrepparttar 140403 product. When developing slogans, phrases, or any words that we will use in ads we need to use evocative words. Words that evoke a reaction fromrepparttar 140404 viewer, remove them from their current thoughts, and place them on your message. This type of product association can be long lasting, and can create word of mouth advertising such as, “Hey, did you see that ad?”

The most important part of developing an advertising campaign is to be consistent. Ifrepparttar 140405 product/service can be recognized in numerous areas of placement through a consistent message delivery, it will become a part ofrepparttar 140406 consumers buying habits. Advertising can be very trial and error area, however crucial to any business. If we research, plan, and implement allrepparttar 140407 fundamentals mentioned, then our advertising mix will turn out just right.

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Where is your website? Why is it invisible? We can help you be seen.

Written by malcolm james pugh

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Getting a high ranking inrepparttar results page of searches isn't a matter of luck, but is about understandingrepparttar 140398 algorithms used byrepparttar 140399 various companies and applying optimization techniques to greatly improve your ranking position.

Optimization, and specifically SEO, is our business - this is all we do. We don't design websites - there are better people than us to do this for you.

How do we do this? We continually trackrepparttar 140400 mathematical algorithms used, as these are continually being modified with different weightings being applied to various parameters. The two partners in our company are both Mathematicians with over 50 years experience inrepparttar 140401 IT industry. This may give you some idea of why web designers don't optimise sites and we do.

So can we anyone guarantee number 1 spot on Google? Our answer is no. However, across a basket of companies, e.g. Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, optimization can be achieved. In fact, we are so confident that we will guarantee that your company will appear onrepparttar 140402 first page results of at least 3 ofrepparttar 140403 5 companies shown above or you don't pay us. Yes, that's right - we don't want or need your money, unless we can provide you with this level of service.

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