Natures Way To Relieve Arthritis Pain

Written by June Parker

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Ginger contains proteolytec which is a digestive enzyme similar to those found in papaya and pineapple. Ginger stimulates circulation inrepparttar digestive tract, helping to speed uprepparttar 150956 delivery of nutients torepparttar 150957 bloodstream and increases muscle tone inrepparttar 150958 stomach. Ginger's proteolytec enzymes are also valuable for nutritionally supportingrepparttar 150959 joints. Ginger has been successflly used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory.

Ginger tea compresses may be used to relieve arthritic pain and headaches. Keep a batch of ginger tea ice cubes inrepparttar 150960 freezer for makingrepparttar 150961 compresses. This way, both hot and cold ginger remedies are readily available. For arthritic aches, soak a wash cloth in warmed ginger tea and apply torepparttar 150962 site ofrepparttar 150963 pain. Repeat as necessary.

For tension headaches, soak a clean wash cloth in melted (but still cold) ginger tea ice cubes. Place cold compress onrepparttar 150964 back ofrepparttar 150965 neck or shoulders for 15 - 20 minutes. Repeat with fresh cool tea as necessary.

Ginger is naturally rich in assorted phytochemicals that work collectively to nourish and supportrepparttar 150966 entire cardiovascular system. Functions such as blood pressure, cholestral absorption, blood clotting, and circulation are all nutritionally benefited.

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June Parker lived in Hawaii for forty years where she studied and practiced herbal healing and lived a drug free, organic life style.

Stress - a source of many problems.

Written by Peter Sachford

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Understandably, however, some things cannot be eliminated from your life. Chances are good that you're going to have to still go to work every day, and you'll probably still have family members to deal with. However, there are probably a few things that can either be ignored or viewed differently.

Relaxation is something that you should add to your schedule on a regular basis. There are few things that reduce your overall stress level like a good time spent relaxing. Therefore, you should set aside a period everyday to relax - and make sure that it's actually scheduled, after all, you're doing it for your health.

Exercise is another excellent way to combat stress, it will make you feel better and more confident. It is particularly good because it will make you fitter also, so your health will benefit doubly.

If you start working on stress reduction, you should start seeing improvements in your health right away. Also, even if you are not noticing that your health is improving right away, you should still feel confident that it is -repparttar more relaxed you are,repparttar 150938 better you should feel. Start working on stress reduction today, and have a healthier life tomorrow!

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