Nature Will Not Imagine

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

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I posedrepparttar riddle, how do you create a diagram ofrepparttar 127663 Gamma function when it spirals in one place and not inrepparttar 127664 other?

I solved that riddle with a surprising answer. NATURE IN THIS CONTEXT REJECTS THE IMAGINARY. There is no solution torepparttar 127665 Gamma Function if you use complex maths. There is no complex space.

That is to say,repparttar 127666 square root of -1 has two answers, but Nature insists that you must take them BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

This is quite different torepparttar 127667 roots of real numbers. The roots of 4 are 2 *OR* -2.

The roots of -1 are i1 *AND* -i1. Take BOTH or NONE, inrepparttar 127668 case ofrepparttar 127669 Gamma Function. Otherwise,repparttar 127670 riddle is insoluble.

But i1 makesrepparttar 127671 spiral go left whilst -i1 makesrepparttar 127672 spiral go right. Makingrepparttar 127673 spiral go equally left and right will STOP it from spiralling. So both isrepparttar 127674 equivalent of none. Nature has REJECTEDrepparttar 127675 imaginary.

At this point I wrote ( ) that "If it can be shown for other functions unrelated torepparttar 127676 Gamma function, and having a negation function, that Nature rejectsrepparttar 127677 imaginary axis in this way, then it can be said that Nature rejects complex mathematics as a human product. "

I had not expected that Nature would then reveal to me a function that rejectsrepparttar 127678 imaginary axis without having a negation function. It isrepparttar 127679 INVERSE function torepparttar 127680 exponential. That is to say, it isrepparttar 127681 LOGARITHM.

Fromrepparttar 127682 first page above, you can visualise Euler's equation forrepparttar 127683 exponential (exp(i X) = cos(X) + i sin(X)) as a spiral. You can see that exp(i Pi) gives -1. So does exp (i 3Pi). So does exp (i 5Pi). So do ALLrepparttar 127684 odd imaginary multiples of Pi. So do allrepparttar 127685 negative values of those odd imaginary multiples.

Sorepparttar 127686 log of -1 is ALL of those positive and negative odd imaginary multiples of Pi. It does not really matter whether they are AND or OR. It only matters that they are there.

I then consideredrepparttar 127687 logarithm of zero. This is known to be MINUS INFINITY.

But what of MINUS ZERO? This may seem like a silly question, but it is not. We have consideredrepparttar 127688 log of any negative number to berepparttar 127689 log ofrepparttar 127690 positive equivalent plus one or more odd imaginary multiples of Pi. Sorepparttar 127691 log of minus zero will be minus infinity just likerepparttar 127692 log of zero - but with a DIFFERENCE.

For allrepparttar 127693 negative numbers,repparttar 127694 logarithm is as forrepparttar 127695 positive but TOGETHER WITH THE SERRIED RANKS OF ODD IMAGINARY PIs. Asrepparttar 127696 numbers rise, they get closer and closer towards zero, andrepparttar 127697 real part ofrepparttar 127698 logarithm goes downwards towards minus infinity.

Then they hit zero. Those serried ranks of imaginary numbers STOP. That's it! They VANISH.

One would call this a SINGULARITY, but it is more than that. There are INFINITE odd imaginary multiples of Pi, and they ALL stop together atrepparttar 127699 point X=0.

So Nature again is REFUSINGrepparttar 127700 imaginary.

Natural laws tend to flow smoothly throughoutrepparttar 127701 number continuum. For an entire family of numbers - all odd imaginary multiples of Pi - and therefore by inference a whole SET -repparttar 127702 set of all imaginary - to stop is quite unnatural.

Sorepparttar 127703 imaginary numbers arerepparttar 127704 imaginings of Humankind. Nature does not imagine.

Charles Douglas Wehner

Born in 1944, Charles Wehner is an electronics engineer, technical author and former factory manager.

History Helped Shape The Future of Remote Viewing.

Written by Jonina Dourif

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Duringrepparttar resulting flurry of media attention, PSI TECH stood firmly behind its pre-released information. The stories raged and claims of people claiming to be "military remote viewers" began sprouting up like weeds everywhere. It became a marketing feeding frenzy and even people involved inrepparttar 127662 earlier research programs who have never done a formal remote viewing session, emerged as so-called "Expert Remote Viewers." Some ofrepparttar 127663 periodic participants (and their friends) fromrepparttar 127664 late days ofrepparttar 127665 DIA's operational unit's revolving door became "psychic warriors" by writing books and doing seminars, and evenrepparttar 127666 civilian administrators who were never trained cashed in by writing books and making creative remote viewing claims.

Now, there are annual conferences onrepparttar 127667 subject of Remote Viewing which bear little to no semblance ofrepparttar 127668 breakthrough discovery ofrepparttar 127669 technology. They present an array of psychics, channelers, spoon benders, dowsers, spiritual healers, astronauts, psychic researchers, UFOers, hypnotists, and former military administrators - all claiming to be "remote viewers" or "remote viewing experts." New phantom methods of RV have sprung up from unheard of schools and sources nobody ever heard of, represented as professionals at "the Remote Viewing Conferences".

The few of us who really practice this technology know its veracity, its pitfalls and its potential but we cannot constantly be onrepparttar 127670 campaign trail or we would have little time left to work as professional TRVers. Only 5 years agorepparttar 127671 term 'remote viewing' brought up about 6 entries in internet search engines but today on Google 807,000 entries come up under 'Remote Viewing.' Amazing!

The question no longer is how many people will have access to this technology but rather how many people will be able to access 'real' training amidrepparttar 127672 swirling storms of deception and confusion. Alreadyrepparttar 127673 prerequisite has become that a person have an intense desire to investigate by drudging throughrepparttar 127674 weeds or they need to already be psychic or just plain lucky. One thing is for certain. After a person has been trained at PSI TECH, there is no longer a question what is myth, what is muddle and what is sheer madness.

PSI TECH was founded by one ofrepparttar 127675 five people who was originally trained byrepparttar 127676 discoverer. This individual was transferred out ofrepparttar 127677 DIA's RV unit in 1988. In 1989 while still on active duty in another department, he, along with a two star general, formed a private corporation utilizing Coordinate Remote Viewing, (which was still classified a top secret technology) as its main product. However, onlyrepparttar 127678 trained Remote Viewers were hired and worked for PSI TECH. One ofrepparttar 127679 company's first projects was to locate Saddam's hidden biological weapons during Desert Storm.

In 1991,repparttar 127680 founder retired fromrepparttar 127681 military and PSI TECH was on its own as a private corporation whose goal wasrepparttar 127682 same asrepparttar 127683 General who had helped usher it outrepparttar 127684 military. Asrepparttar 127685 Chairman of this visionary new company, he felt that "it was mankind's birthright to have access to this technology" and thus,repparttar 127686 mission of PSI TECH was born; "To put this technology into as many hands as possible." Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) was renamed Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) and in 1991 PSI TECH barged intorepparttar 127687 corporate sector with a new product that only a few individuals had ever heard of and even fewer could perform. PSI TECH was faced withrepparttar 127688 new reality of civilian commerce which resembled a war with unmarked enemies and no structure or rules. Operating a corporation was very different than operating inrepparttar 127689 military.

We have come a long way since those early days inrepparttar 127690 military, and we continue to forge ahead likerepparttar 127691 pioneers we need to be. TRV is real and it works. Forrepparttar 127692 future of mankind it will play a role as significant asrepparttar 127693 invention of fire, changingrepparttar 127694 very face of consciousness. After a decade of real world experience training countless numbers of individuals via live classroom trainings and self-study videos, PSI TECH's new third generation TRV training technology has been merged withrepparttar 127695 power ofrepparttar 127696 internet. Now, anyone who really wants to install this skill into their mind can do so, quickly and easily, anywhere and at any time. Who will berepparttar 127697 pilgrim souls to pick up and carryrepparttar 127698 torch?

Learn more about Remote Viewing History here: herealremoteviewinghistory.htm

A professional remote viewer, Jonina (Joni) Dourif was one of the first civilians trained in this formerly Top Secret technology. Joni was asked to commercialize PSI TECH and Technical Remote ViewingŪ for the civilian sector in 1993. In 1999, the company's founder retired and Joni took over the helm as President. She continues to lead PSI TECH into the future on the cutting edge of PSI and mind technology.

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