Natural Progesterone And Osteoporosis Treatment Success

Written by David Buster

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Harvard-trained Dr. John R. Lee isrepparttar author ofrepparttar 150934 best-selling womens health book What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause. Dr. Lee studied 100 of his women patients that were in various stages of osteoporosis. The women in his study ranged in ages from 38 to 83 with 62.5 beingrepparttar 150935 average age. By adding supplementation with natural progesterone to an existing natural osteoporosis treatment program, Dr. Lee found that bone density was increased every year by 3-5% until it stabilized atrepparttar 150936 bone density levels expected for a 35-year old woman! All 100 women usingrepparttar 150937 natural progesterone and osteoporosis treatment reversed their bone loss and grew new bone cells. These results are astounding!

Dr. Lee also observed thatrepparttar 150938 women who had experiencedrepparttar 150939 most bone loss wererepparttar 150940 ones that increased bone densityrepparttar 150941 fastest when using this natural progesterone and osteoporosis reversal treatment! Dr. Lee makes it very clear that natural progesterone and osteoporosis treatment must includerepparttar 150942 osteoporosis treatment elements of proper diet, nutrients and exercise. And for women approachingrepparttar 150943 age of menopause (late forties to early fifties) and older, he felt that natural progesterone supplementation would greatly benefit women that had already experienced considerable bone loss, and that natural progesterone would rebuild new bone cells.

Anyone can easily make healthy lifestyle changes that will include weight-bearing exercise, proper diet, nutritional supplements and natural progesterone and osteoporosis treatment. Stopping bone loss, rebuilding and strengthening your bones is entirely possible, according to Dr. Lee. If you or someone you know is at risk for osteoporosis, learn more and benefit fromrepparttar 150944 successes of Dr. Lee and other physicians in safely and effectively treating osteoporosis, a debilitating disease.

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There's More To Fitness Than How Much You Weigh.

Written by Britannia Findlay

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Of course if you want to really increase your fitness then you will need to do more than a casual bit of exercise. You will need to be more methodical in your approach to exercise and do more than one type of exercise. You will need to be doing some cardiovascular exercise and some basic strength exercises.

For your cardiovascular exercise - which is basically any type of exercise that increases your heart rate by considerable amounts - you should work on being able to exercise for a longer period of time than you could before. This will enable you to build up some stamina.

Strength training will tone your body and increase your strength. While it won't necessarily make you fitter, it will make you look and feel better and give you visible, confidence-building results.

This strength training does not necessarily mean lifting weights or hanging around a gym, you can do a really effective strength training workout inrepparttar comfort of your own home with little or no equipment. A small amount of training like this can make allrepparttar 150933 differnce in your fitness program.

Regardless of your weight, you can be at a suitable fitness level just by adding a suitable amount and type of exercise to your daily life.

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