Natural Aphrodisiacs --- the right way

Written by Bobby Voicu

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of life, ways that naturally resonate with our body, without any chemical reactions that are difficult to imagine and accept. As a consequence, you should takea journey through healing agents, body fortifiers, recovering and balancing elements that come from nature and can be used as much as possible in their natural state. We are talking about plants, plants based products, animal based products that are proven to have aphrodisiac properties. This natural products are not created and prepared in who knows what secret laboratory with a cosmetics or aliment company, all you need being... your kitchen. Any dish you would prepare using ingredients with aprodisiac qualities seem to be an easy and accessible solution to a problem that proved to be both embarrassing and complex.

Then, maybe it is time that all of us go back to Mother Nature even when it is about our most intimate and hidden aspects of our lives...

Natural Aphrodisiacs is the right way to enhance your life. Visit our site, and find out food recipes, dishes and more things that you can eat without any fear of toxines.

The Diet Alternative to a Big Mac

Written by Helen Porter

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CHICKEN: Chicken Mcnuggets(6) - 212 Chicken Caesar Salad - 354 calories McChicken Sandwich - 375 calories * Top alternatives granary bread with sliced chicken and low fat mayo * Buying iceberg lettuce, chicken breast, shavings of parmesan with a olive-oil, balsamic and lemon dressing hasrepparttar same calories as Mcdonald's however much richer in taste and you wont find any unwanted food stuffs. * Make your own chicken nuggets. Here's a method we use at Take a chicken breast bash slightly, rub in oil and lightly flour, soak in egg then rub in homemade breadcrumbs (cheats breadcrumbs are to toast a couple of pieces of bread and them crush with a pestle and motor). You can then fry these up and eat coldrepparttar 138636 next day - after all how many times is Mcdonald's food piping hot!

Remember there is a tasty alternative to a McDonald's, it just takes a little thought and simple preparation!

Helen Porter is a celebrity chef, who has graciously agreed to share her McDonalds alternatives with dieting website, the site for tips and free articles on weight loss and diet techniques.

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