Native American Spirituality

Written by John Cali

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The intent and essential nature of most forms of human spiritual practices are good. And if more humans were more practiced in simply allowing their brothers and sisters to follow their own paths, then none ofrepparttar religious turmoil that pervades your human society could exist. Everyone would be following whatever path he or she felt was right. And not caring what paths others were following.

But you do care what paths others follow, even though itís none of your business. And that is exactly whatís given rise to allrepparttar 122224 senseless dogma, laws, shoulds and should-nots humans often impose on one another.

We are not saying Native American spirituality is superior to any other form of spirituality. We are saying if you all get back to your spiritual roots, you would find only minor, meaningless differences among your many spiritual paths. And you would not feelrepparttar 122225 need to impose your own beliefs and values on another individual or another people.

Spirituality, as we see it, is simply an awareness you are all more thanrepparttar 122226 humans you know yourselves as. Andrepparttar 122227 awareness all of creation, whether you consider it animate or inanimate, is more thanrepparttar 122228 simply physical. All beings, all that is, are infused withrepparttar 122229 spiritual essence ofrepparttar 122230 divine.

Many Native Americans practiced this pure form of spirituality inrepparttar 122231 past, and some still do. Many non-Native Americans practiced it inrepparttar 122232 past, and many still do. Itís obvious, however, many people, Native American or not, have strayed from their spiritual roots.

You can get back to your spiritual roots by simply acknowledging all that exists is divine. When you get back to your roots, you will--in Johnís words--have respect for your Mother Earth, respect for animals, respect for one another, respect forrepparttar 122233 sovereignty of each individual.

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Although Padre Pio never leftrepparttar city of San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, in his last 50 years, he often appeared to those in need far from his physical body--to teach, admonish, comfort, and heal. Numerous testimonies, by telegram, letter, telephone transcript, and personal declaration, document Padre Pio's long-distance appearances in places he never visited--throughout Italy, Austria, Uruguay, and even in Milwaukee, where Padre Pio admitted appearing on June 25, 1950, to attendrepparttar 122223 death of a fellow monk's father. When asked about his ability to appear in two places, Padre Pio replied, 'If Christ multipliedrepparttar 122224 loaves and fishes, why cannot he multiply me?'

Andrepparttar 122225 fragrance of violets that often emanated from him also often manifested to those who prayed to him and was noticed by witnesses in those places where he had miraculously appeared. {Isis meditators also are able to smellrepparttar 122226 flowers she loved. The spiritual world can affect sensitive people in all sensory areas, to be sure.}

His miraculous healing powers were demonstrated beyond any doubt - he cured many illnesses deemed incurable and, on more than one occasion, restored sight torepparttar 122227 blind. His most well-documented, and astonishing, case of healing involved a little blind girl named Gemma Di Giorgi, from Ribera, Sicily, born with no pupils in her eyes." (1)

Psychosomatic desires beyondrepparttar 122228 conscious intent ofrepparttar 122229 person will explain many stigmata events inrepparttar 122230 eyes of scientists. Even as they explain it away in that fashion they are offering up other questions about howrepparttar 122231 mind works. These questions are left unanswered to my knowledge. It could be agreedrepparttar 122232 mind directs an ulcerous condition throughrepparttar 122233 direction and intent ofrepparttar 122234 subconscious. This is a way of treating most ofrepparttar 122235 stigmata as hysterics. While it behooves us to agree in most cases, Padre Pio's case exhibits many more things and makes one pause before sweeping it intorepparttar 122236 looney bin of hysteria or psychosomatic illness. There is debate overrepparttar 122237 number of nails used to crucify Jesus and whether it is four or five has some import to other considerations as well asrepparttar 122238 case in question. If it could be shown there were only four then Padre Pio is adopting five on faith and dogma alone.

It is possible he was a part of an ascended master chain of being which Jesus belongs to. It is possible that he was in some manner a re-incarnation of Jesus. Would it be good to know what biophysicists and other science thought if they evaluated him? There was a man who dematerialized inrepparttar 122239 early 20th century before allrepparttar 122240 skeptics of his day. He did it 29 times and told Dr. R.M. Bucke (who writes about it in his book 'Cosmic Consciousness' or shortly thereafter) a noted psychiatrist and a friend of Walt Whitman, that eventually he wouldn't return.

Where does energy go, and do you really believe in a soul? The matter of faith and belief is near to abhorrent to science and I share that outlook. However, I detest even morerepparttar 122241 turning away from facts, just because we don't know all about everything we'd like to!

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