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If further cleaning is required, use a special treatment or make a paste torepparttar consistency of syrup using a mildly abrasive alkaline cleaning powder if necessary. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

The products forrepparttar 138475 maintenance of Honed Marble and all other stone is available from

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How to Install a New Toilet in 5 Easy Steps.

Written by Bridget Mwape

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4. Set new bowl only straight down so it centers on wax ring and both bolts come through holds on each side of bowl. Sit on bowl facing wall until your weight puts bowl flush withrepparttar floor. Put metal washers and nuts on bolts and tighten until snug. Do not over-tighten as you can crackrepparttar 138329 bowl. Tighten these again after toilet is completely installed and filled with water.

5. Next put 2" rubber gasket on tank where it sets onrepparttar 138330 bowl, put rubber washers on bolts provided underrepparttar 138331 bolt head so they will be onrepparttar 138332 inside ofrepparttar 138333 tank. Pick up tank and set on bowl over holes in bowl where bolts go through. Sit on bowl facing wall. Put bolts on fromrepparttar 138334 inside ofrepparttar 138335 tank into holes in bowl, put on metal washers and nuts and tighten. Hold tank level and tighten so it brings tank down level. Use a large screw driver inside tank and a crescent wrench or end wrench to back up nut under bowl. Tighten with screw driver. Hook water supply to tank, turn on water, check for leaks, and snug uprepparttar 138336 bolts holding bowl to floor. If there is a space betweenrepparttar 138337 back ofrepparttar 138338 tank andrepparttar 138339 wall, put a spacer of sort there to brace tank. A piece of wood or hard rubber works fine.


At least twice a year clean outrepparttar 138340 inside of your toilet tank. When cleaningrepparttar 138341 toilet tank, turn offrepparttar 138342 water, flush toilet once, add small amount of cleaning detergent inside tank to water remaining and use a cloth or brush to clean. Also clean out holes under toilet seat and rim ofrepparttar 138343 bowl as well asrepparttar 138344 3/4" hole inrepparttar 138345 bottom of toilet bowl. Replace rubber tank ball at this time if needed. Maintaining your new toilet will keeprepparttar 138346 plumber away and reduce your plumbing bill.

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