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mismanagement of “spent” fluorescent and other mercury-containing lamps. NLR’s goal is to combine sound engineering and management practices while consistently delivering a cost effective and environmentally safe method of disposal. Commitment and dedication to worker safety and environmental compliance ensures their goals are constantly achieved. For more information, visit NLR online at

Northeast Lamp Recycling, Inc. (NLR) has been a leading provider of universal waste management solutions in Connecticut and throughout the northeast since 1994. The primary focus of NLR is to reduce the mercury-contamination associated with the improper disposal and mismanagement of “spent” fluorescents and other mercury-containing lamps.

Maps of Time and Tide.

Written by Seamus Dolly

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Whilerepparttar area of maps may have been considered to be boring to highly-strung teenagers, it is rapidly becoming a highly scientific and technically laden career.

There are still some sea floors that remain elusive or unexplored, mainly because they weren’t of particular concern. They are so remote from a human perspective, that they warrant little examination. For now anyway, they don’t interfere with sea or air navigation. If geologists can someway discover feasible mineral, oil or gas reserves, then commerce and necessity, perhaps, will induce a change in exploration priority.

To people that plan for contingency, local maps provide some clues to flooding susceptibilities that short term memories have forgotten. With global warming, this type of thing should be a consideration if you are planning your final or long-term home. In recent months within my area alone,repparttar 110097 language of insurance companies suggests that they may decline their services, such isrepparttar 110098 climate change however subtle from a year to year basis, in combination with construction planning.

New construction projects have taken areas that historically, were flood plains, so where canrepparttar 110099 inevitable rains and their agreement with gravity, go? Withinrepparttar 110100 home, isrepparttar 110101 answer.

To people that plan for contingency, somewhat extremely, those very same maps will offer guidance. Some dramatic predictions suggest that “a lump” of a particular volcanic island which is globally renowned for its’ tourism, may slip intorepparttar 110102 sea. The same prediction suggests that it is being undermined byrepparttar 110103 sea, through corrosion. If this happens then a tsunami might demolish everything within fifty miles of seaboards.

It is a prediction, not a guarantee, like most future-related things.

One thing is more certain, perhaps, and that is that maps are essential, even ifrepparttar 110104 medium which records them has changed from stone to parchment to disk.

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