NEW World REcord Blue Catfish!

Written by Mike Clifford

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The fish's stats: 124 lbs, 58" long, 44" girth

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Bali Golf Hazards

Written by Lise Lacasse

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There is a welcome mood aboutrepparttar Merapi Golf Course, from its cool highlands calm torepparttar 139530 Clubhouse with its soarina, joglo-style roof. From some holes,repparttar 139531 country surroundingrepparttar 139532 course reveals itself: cattle and their sun shaded keepers wondering by from nearby Canakringan village. But it's Merapi 12 kilometers torepparttar 139533 summit fromrepparttar 139534 clubhouse that makesrepparttar 139535 manicured Piers Thompson-designed course a marvel to play. Several holes offer stilling views, including #4, with its wide-angle vista torepparttar 139536 south face andrepparttar 139537 western flanks falling toward Muntilan.

Jetsetters Magazine Golf MallThe 17th gets you as close as your want without going walkabout. From there, you can seerepparttar 139538 rise andrepparttar 139539 fading of forest along Merapi's southeast slope. On an active day, Merapi smoke colorsrepparttar 139540 clouds that cling to it like supplicants to royalty. Look closely, and you may seerepparttar 139541 silhouette of Parangtritis, jagged cliffs hiding black sand dunes that give way torepparttar 139542 Indian Ocean. Golf never looked so good.


Duffer DVDsSwing forrepparttar 139543 peaks that ring Jackson Hole's two 18-hole courses. Locals sayrepparttar 139544 light mountain air makesrepparttar 139545 ball travel 10 percent farther.

On Phuket five courses makerepparttar 139546 southern Thai island a holiday haven for golfers. The most prestigious,repparttar 139547 Blue Canyon Country Club is restricted to members. Happily, Amanpuri's corporate membership gives guests privileged access to one of Asia's finest courses.

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