Written by Tony Woodcock

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You will have a SUBSCRIPTION to a particular piece of software that you pay for monthly. Now you getrepparttar benefit of not paying hundreds out of pocket AND you getrepparttar 127481 latest updates included in your subscription. Sure, they may make a buck or two more but you will have access torepparttar 127482 most recent features and you CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME. Now, who hasrepparttar 127483 power? YOU DO.

An excellent way to market and an excellent way to buy.

Many companies embrace this concept because it's easier to sell, meets less resistance and is a much less costly way to market. They know that MORE PEOPLE WILL BUY THIS WAY.

Time now becomes their ally, not their enemy. The more subscribers they haverepparttar 127484 more money they make. Byrepparttar 127485 way,repparttar 127486 power ofrepparttar 127487 subscription is how online companies end up buying huge media companies.

Will this new pricing model work for you? You will certainly benefit as a consumer but can you capturerepparttar 127488 idea as a seller?

Take a look at what you sell with a new eye. Could you offer your clients a subscription for what you do? Could you start to slowly move in that direction on your pricing? One thing is for sure, selling by subscription is hot and getting hotter.

And it's an idea that will be around for a very long time.

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Written by Dan Brown

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Not if you do it with some style.


One ofrepparttar keys is to choose a product or service that COMPLIMENTS what you already do. Whatever your product or service is, think through what your customer is likely to buy based upon purchasing your product.

If you sell shoes, someone is going to sell them socks and it might as well be you. Not only will you increase your revenue but you will encounter less sales resistance and show your customers that you are thinking of them.

Another method is to choose a product or service that CONTRASTS what you sell now. If you normally sell a business related product come back at them with a personal product

Why should they NOT buy it from you? You have proven yourself as honest and dependable; now cash in on that hard work.


One final word. Your customers decided to trust you when they bought what you sell. Capitalize on those good feelings and ask them for their feedback on what you have in mind.

This is by farrepparttar 127480 most powerful, yet virtually free, market research available inrepparttar 127481 land. Use it wisely and your EXISTING CUSTOMERS will tell you both what they want to buy and when they want to buy it.

All you have to do then is step up, fillrepparttar 127482 need, and go torepparttar 127483 bank.

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