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"I especially appreciatedrepparttar paycheck by paycheck approach to paying off bills. When I pay bills monthly, it is very easy to appropriaterepparttar 108446 money to a different fund, rob Peter to pay Paul, and then fall short ofrepparttar 108447 necessary payments. The black hole becomes larger andrepparttar 108448 downward spiral begins. The 'credit card' mode of living has been integrated into our society. There isn't any light atrepparttar 108449 end of that tunnel!!" exclaims Geralyn Kampa, an Administrative Assistant from Minneapolis, MN.

"This book speaks in simple terms, so you don't have to be a mathematician to understand it. Atrepparttar 108450 same time it helps anyone to analyze their financial situation in all details and take corrective actions. This book could be helpful even for someone who is not in debt in order to establish good spending habits,” states Natalya Goncharov, a Computer Programmer from Wisconsin.

Kimberly A. Griffiths, an independent Copywriter and Marketing Consultant located in Cape Coral, FL, spent close to two years compiling and researchingrepparttar 108451 techniques and resources found in ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME. In addition to distributingrepparttar 108452 ebook to general consumers throughrepparttar 108453 website,repparttar 108454 author desires to partner with organizations, banks, schools, and companies in an effort to provide this valuable information torepparttar 108455 general public. “Our society expects people to know how to manage money as adults even though most of us never receive any formal training. Based onrepparttar 108456 epidemic of personal bankruptcies in this country, we’re doing ourselves a disservice by not providing these tools to adults and teenagers. I believe it would be advantageous for all Americans to have access to a sound money management education. And, hopefully with my book, I will accomplish this one person and one paycheck at a time.”


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Writing an e-Book Needs Software - Free is Best!

Written by Grant McNamara

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PDF files haverepparttar advantage that they are supported on a variety of computer operating systems including all versions of Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS, and Unix/Xenix/Linux. Exe files are restricted to Windows. And when you think for example that there are over 8 million Macintosh users inrepparttar 108445 US alone that's a large number of potential readers to exclude.

Advantages of EXE files include:

E-Book compilers are priced far lower than Adobe Acrobat Writer (around US$250). Such software is also far simpler to use. (Adobe Acrobat Writer is a very sophisticated publishing system withrepparttar 108446 creation of PDF files a minor function). There are other software products which can create PDF files. Some word processing systems haverepparttar 108447 facility, as does Corel Draw.

Some e-Book compilers are available for free use. Those I've tried though all either add some information about themselves intorepparttar 108448 resulting document, or limitrepparttar 108449 number of pages. Alternatively they're limited to a trial period such as 30 days. The writers of such software understandably really want you to buy their software! Once purchased all these frustrating limitations disappear.

E-Book compilers also (usually) include a rebranding facility. The rebranding facility allows other people to market your e-Book. But rather than havingrepparttar 108450 contact details and web site links referenced back to your site, they can be altered to point back to their own site whichrepparttar 108451 rebranded book promotes. Your authorship is still protected, but this feature allowsrepparttar 108452 e-Book to be used in an affiliate program. The rebranding can be achieved with Adobe Acrobat Writer but it is more difficult to achieve.

Using e-Books as a promotion tool is usually far more effective ifrepparttar 108453 down stream resellers can customizerepparttar 108454 book to their own affiliate links.

Web site references for e-Book compiler software:

If you use free E-Books as a viral marketing tool, rebranding isrepparttar 108455 key to success, because people are much more likely to promote your E-Book if they can customize it with their own affiliate links.

Microsoft Reader:

The Microsoft Reader software (the software which allows someone to read your E-Book) is available for free download fromrepparttar 108456 Microsoft web site. Usingrepparttar 108457 reading software is very simple and for those with reading disabilities,repparttar 108458 standard download includes everything needed to increase text size, and use voice synthesis.

Microsoft Reader is restricted to use onrepparttar 108459 various Windows operating system variants. To date I've heard of no instances of an E-Book in this format having a virus. The file type is nothing like an EXE file sorepparttar 108460 virus problem is far less likely. Size wiserepparttar 108461 resulting e-Book is similar to a PDF.

To create an E-Book for this system requires that you have Microsoft Word version 2000 or 2002. Assuming that MS Word is installed then a small add-on is available for free download fromrepparttar 108462 Microsoft web site. And from my own experience, creating an E-Book under this system is incredibly simple.

I've not determined exactly howrepparttar 108463 resulting e-Book can be rebranded for any affiliates you might wish to include in distribution, but I'll spend some time on this soon and add a new article about it.

I alluded above to Microsoft tending to become market leaders. It is worth noting that both and Barnes and Noble have pickedrepparttar 108464 Microsoft Reader system asrepparttar 108465 future industry standard. They, along with several other publishers are very busy making their e-Books available in this format for on-line purchase. Inrepparttar 108466 free category several Universities are making e-Books available, again using Microsoft E-Book as their delivery system.

About the Author: Grant McNamara has over 20 years experience in IT,and specializes in multi-lingual web site and software development and training. His web sites are and

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