NDE - Throught the Tunnel

Written by Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

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The ride was long, but I had nothing else to do but go for it. Finally,repparttar end ofrepparttar 127042 tunnel was in sight. I came out into a kind of space, a stillness, where there was a glow of energy addressing me. It was like a spark of life, energy glowing with intelligence, not in a human form, just pure consciousness. It seemed that some distance away, there was another spark just observingrepparttar 127043 scene.

I felt as though I were having an exit interview, something like, "Well, your trip is over now, so complete things in your consciousness about that, and we'll move on." I looked back and saw my life as I had lived it, completed my thoughts about things that had happened, understood a lot of things differently, and then expressed that I was ready. The Being began to move away. I began to follow, and then I paused. The Being quickly asked me whatrepparttar 127044 thought was that had just entered my consciousness. I had thought that it would be a shame for my daughters to have grown up without their father in their life. I had spent a large part of my life without my father in it, and I would have liked my daughters to not have to have experienced that. Anyway, I was ready to go. The Being said that because my reason for wanting to return was somebody outside myself, I would be allowed to return. Before I hadrepparttar 127045 chance to express that I didn't really want to return, there was a rapid, confused movement, something happened,repparttar 127046 other spark which had been "observing" was somehow a part of it, and then I was waking up in this body, in traumatic pain, with intense drama going on around me inrepparttar 127047 hospital. I felt as if I had just jumped into a movie that had been underway, but that I had not beenrepparttar 127048 one inrepparttar 127049 body before this moment. Because ofrepparttar 127050 trauma andrepparttar 127051 drama, my attention was directed to things happening inrepparttar 127052 physical world, andrepparttar 127053 memory of what had happened before was somehow obliterated. I had other things happening which were demanding my attention, and besides, I did not haverepparttar 127054 belief systems that would allow me to accept what had just happened.

Overrepparttar 127055 next year, I began to explore ideas and philosophies I had no experience of before. I read books like "Life After Life," and "Life After Death," and other writings which described what people called, "Near Death Experiences," and I began to remember what had happened. I sawrepparttar 127056 similarities to what others had experienced, and I knew then what had happened to me. I thought also ofrepparttar 127057 similarities to what we considerrepparttar 127058 "normal" birth process, where babies are born into bright lights and loud sounds and being slapped, and perhaps, their attention is so much directed to outer things that they forget their inner experiences just beforerepparttar 127059 process of being born.

From time to time, I meet others who have maderepparttar 127060 trip, and we compare notes. "What was it like for you?" One woman said that before, she was certain there would be a Being onrepparttar 127061 other side with a big book, looking at what she had and had not done, and making checks and crosses, good marks and bad marks. When she got torepparttar 127062 other side, there really was a Being there with a big book, just as she thought there would be. The only bad marks she got, though, were forrepparttar 127063 things that she hadn't done. Her only sin was self-denial.

My diagnosis on leavingrepparttar 127064 hospital was "Spinal Cord Tumor." There was no treatment possible. I was given one or two months to live, and I decided to do that living my new philosophy of "I'm glad I did." I decided to work on myself, working in my consciousness to releaserepparttar 127065 tumor. Later,repparttar 127066 doctors decided that they must have made a mistaken diagnosis.

But that's another story.

By Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

Martin Brofman, Ph.D. teacher, healer, author, architect of the Body Mirror System of Healing, is the Founder and Director of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing.

Ho'omana - Hawaiian Gods

Written by Gayle Olson

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Kanaloa - god ofrepparttar great ocean and all within

In Tahitian theology, Kanaloa wasrepparttar 127041 creator ofrepparttar 127042 universe and man. Byrepparttar 127043 timerepparttar 127044 Polynesians came to Hawaii he had been overthrown and was "brother" to Kane.

When Christianity came to Hawaii andrepparttar 127045 Hawaiians attempted to "fit" their beliefs intorepparttar 127046 "new" religion, Kanaloa was expelled from heaven and becamerepparttar 127047 devil.

The Hawaiians worshipped thousands of other demigods and lesser gods, such as Pele and her family. Pele ofrepparttar 127048 volcano was an earthbound goddess who could take on may transformations as a woman and who was bound by certain powers and limitations in each transformation.

Worship of each god in old Hawaii was a religion based on a system. Only a priest could interpretrepparttar 127049 actions ofrepparttar 127050 gods. From this grew a theology with prayers and ceremonies which were performed inrepparttar 127051 temples.

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