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Written by Seth Berkman

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12th Pick- A heated argument breaks out next to me about who is better, Julius Hodge or Rashad McCants. Everyone keeps it cool though, which is what makes actually being atrepparttar draft great. Each fan has their own guy they want to see make it as well as their team loyalties, evenrepparttar 146577 Michigan State alum by me who shouts for Alan Anderson before every pick. Yaroslav Korolev is taken. The first reaction for most fans is one of bewilderment, but then you realize it’srepparttar 146578 Clippers and it all seems to make sense.

13th Pick- Stephen A. begins yelling throughoutrepparttar 146579 theatre, that how could two star UNC players not get picked before some ofrepparttar 146580 foreign prospects. What do you know, Charlotte takes Sean May, building a Carolina connection forrepparttar 146581 Bobcats. I can only start to think about a few years back when Chicago loaded up on Duke players...that worked out well.

14th Pick- McCants is drafted next, making Stephen A. look like Nostradamus. The Carolina delegation inrepparttar 146582 crowd has been quite vocal these past 10 minutes.

15th Pick- The Nets fans by me all want Hakim Warrick, who I wouldn’t mind but would rather have Joey Graham. In utter disbelief, they take Antoine Wright. Knicks fans begin to smirk atrepparttar 146583 Nets fans inrepparttar 146584 crowd who definitely wanted a forward.

16th Pick- Joey Graham is taken byrepparttar 146585 Raptors- some Nets fans sigh. I begin to think though thatrepparttar 146586 previous pick for Wright wasn’t so bad, since they have needed outside shooting forrepparttar 146587 past 4 years and this kid can supposedly light it up. Plus he was a consensus top 10 pick and maybe luckily slipped into NJ’s hands.

17th Pick- Danny Granger is announced to subtle applause.

18th Pick- Gerald Green goes to Boston, quite fitting that he puts on that color uniform, don’t you think? His crew sitting behindrepparttar 146588 green room cheer wildly, while a lot ofrepparttar 146589 crowd begins to exit. A "Boston Sucks" chant begins inrepparttar 146590 back as New Yorkers make sure to show their ever-loving admiration for Beantown sports.

19th Pick- In between picks, Roy Williams walks throughrepparttar 146591 crowd torepparttar 146592 delight ofrepparttar 146593 Tar Heel fans. I feel like starting a Let’s go Duke chant. I then think that Hakim Warrick would be a perfect fit forrepparttar 146594 Grizzlies to team up with or replace Stromile Swift. Warrick is picked up by Memphis andrepparttar 146595 Syracuse fans go wild. Still no one has said a word to Bilas off-camera.

20th Pick- Julius Hodge, a Harlem naitve receives a warm ovation, perhaps one ofrepparttar 146596 biggest ofrepparttar 146597 night. He probably seemsrepparttar 146598 most happy of any draftee to be there, pumping his fist inrepparttar 146599 air and smilingrepparttar 146600 rest ofrepparttar 146601 night through.

21st Pick- Phoenix takes Nate Robinson who a lot of people seem to have forgotten about. The crowd likesrepparttar 146602 pick and then likes it even more when they learn he may be a Knick as part ofrepparttar 146603 Quentin Richardson-Kurt Thomas deal.

22nd Pick- Jarrett Jack. A guy next to me exclaims afterwards, "Man,repparttar 146604 ACC is runnin’ this @#$!" Indeed they are.

23rd Pick- Francisco Garcia. Nice applause butrepparttar 146605 New York native is absent fromrepparttar 146606 festivities.

24th Pick- Luther Head. Decent reaction fromrepparttar 146607 crowd, but they are beginning to disperse at a faster rate, with about 70% just waiting around to seerepparttar 146608 Knicks at no.30.

25th Pick-Johan Petro. The Anti-France bashing begins and most fans laugh atrepparttar 146609 pick. There is a slight buzz afterrepparttar 146610 announcement ofrepparttar 146611 potential trade ofrepparttar 146612 22nd pick (Jack) to Portland forrepparttar 146613 27th and 35th picks.

26th Pick- There seems to be less onrepparttar 146614 trade front in this draft as compared to year’s past. Greg Anthony gets about a makeover in between commercial breaks, he lovesrepparttar 146615 face makeup. Jason Maxiell isrepparttar 146616 pick forrepparttar 146617 ‘04 champs, some ofrepparttar 146618 crowd overly supportrepparttar 146619 pick, some loathe it. Hate it or love it, this underdog is going to one ofrepparttar 146620 top teams inrepparttar 146621 NBA.

27th Pick- Portland takes Linas Kleiza and almost in unisonrepparttar 146622 crowd says, "Who?" Fans search frantically in their Draft handout booklets to find out who was just taken.

28th Pick- Ian Mahinmi. Most ofrepparttar 146623 crowd may not know who he is, but they love it when a player comes fromrepparttar 146624 pay seats throughrepparttar 146625 fans and ontorepparttar 146626 stage.

29th Pick- Wayne Simien is chosen to a decent ovation, although I’m sure Dickie V. will burst a vein yelling about how 28 teams could pass this kid up.

30th Pick- The buildup torepparttar 146627 pick,repparttar 146628 Knick fans overwhelmingly want Chris Taft. When David Lee’s name is called though, they are PO’d and many leave disappointed, a seemingly annual ritual at recent drafts.

2nd Round Notes: Russ Granik must berepparttar 146629 most loved man inrepparttar 146630 building as he gets a huge response from what is left fromrepparttar 146631 crowd. Before every pick they chant his name and you can tell he eats it up. The fans like Salim Stoudamire at 31 and as typical with Duke players, there is some love, mostly hate when Daniel Ewing is taken at 32. The next two picks consist of Who’s? (Brandon Bass) and Ooooh’s (CJ Miles). I notice that when Granik comes torepparttar 146632 podium, Bilas isrepparttar 146633 only one onrepparttar 146634 ESPN crew who pays attention torepparttar 146635 pick. There is a lot of love for Ronny Turiaf who is sitting inrepparttar 146636 crowd. They loudly chant his name before he is selected byrepparttar 146637 Lakers and his family gives hi-5’s to allrepparttar 146638 fans around. I stick around ‘tilrepparttar 146639 Nets at 43 and don’t even bother looking up who Mile Ilic is. Exiting Hakim Warrick walks byrepparttar 146640 lobby, shaking hands and signing autographs as well as Fran Vazquez. I leave somewhat disenchanted by my team’s selections, but glad to have come torepparttar 146641 event. All I can wait for now is summer leagues to get started and training camp to roll around, only four months left untilrepparttar 146642 new season officially begins.

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“How to Develop More Consistency in the Golf Swing”

Written by Sean Cochran

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Now, how do we improve onrepparttar mechanics ofrepparttar 146576 golf swing? I would have to say it is through two things:

1) Proper instruction (Find a good teacher and stick with that teacher. Most ofrepparttar 146577 pros do, why not you?) and 2) Practice, practice, practice. As they say “practice makes perfect”, and I believe this is true when it comes torepparttar 146578 golf swing.

Fixrepparttar 146579 Engine that Swingsrepparttar 146580 Club

Now, on torepparttar 146581 second point when it comes to consistency in golf. Again, this is probablyrepparttar 146582 lesser known ofrepparttar 146583 two points about consistency inrepparttar 146584 swing. It is also equally as important asrepparttar 146585 mechanics of your swing. One question might help you realizerepparttar 146586 importance of “the body” when it comes torepparttar 146587 golf swing. What swingsrepparttar 146588 golf club?

Some ofrepparttar 146589 answers I have heard are: “my hands,” “the swing,” “my hips” and even “the grip.” Well, these answers are inrepparttar 146590 ballpark and are close to being right, but let me simplify it for you. The answer is your body. Quite simple when you think about it: The club head is attached torepparttar 146591 shaft, your hands griprepparttar 146592 shaft, your arms are attached to your shoulders, your hips rotate throughrepparttar 146593 swing, and on and on we go. It isrepparttar 146594 body that swingsrepparttar 146595 club. So why is this so important to consistency in your golf game?

We know from our golf lessons, that there are certain positionsrepparttar 146596 body is required to be in duringrepparttar 146597 golf swing. For example, at address we know thatrepparttar 146598 feet are slightly wider than shoulder width, knees slightly bent, back at a certain angle, head in a specific position, and our hands grippingrepparttar 146599 club a certain way. This is onlyrepparttar 146600 beginning of whatrepparttar 146601 body has to do to swingrepparttar 146602 club correctly. Now, fromrepparttar 146603 address position your body must moverepparttar 146604 club onrepparttar 146605 correct path and generate club head speed to hitrepparttar 146606 ball accurately and with power. Doing this over and over is what we define as consistency.

What most people do not understand is that forrepparttar 146607 body to performrepparttar 146608 golf swing correctly, certain parameters need to be met byrepparttar 146609 body. The body must have certain levels of flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, stability, and power. If your body does not haverepparttar 146610 minimal levels of these factors in relation torepparttar 146611 golf swing, then what do you think will happen? Well, let me tell you, it will be very difficult forrepparttar 146612 body to swingrepparttar 146613 club withrepparttar 146614 correct mechanics. And what will this result in over time? A large amount of time spent onrepparttar 146615 range with little improvement onrepparttar 146616 course and a swing that looks less than desirable.

So what does consistency in my golf swing really come down to?

It is vital to understand that improvements in your golf swing mechanics and improvements in your body specific to golf are equally important when it comes to creating a consistent golf swing. If you ignore eitherrepparttar 146617 body orrepparttar 146618 mechanics, it would be safe to say that your golf swing and game will suffer. Take some time on a routine basis to address bothrepparttar 146619 mechanics of your swing andrepparttar 146620 body supporting it. I think you will findrepparttar 146621 benefits to be very rewarding.

If you are interested in more information on better golf swing mechanics and how to improve your level of golf fitness, please take a look at our web site

Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the PGA Tour regularly with 2004 Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. He has made many of his golf tips, golf instruction and golf swing improvement techniques available to amateur golfers on the website Check out his manual and DVD, Your Body & Your Swing, at

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