NATE PERKINS LIVE! We're At A Crossroad. Talk To Me.

Written by LTC Nathaniel William Perkins, USA (Ret)

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We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me about information technology that is speeding so far ahead ofrepparttar black community that dotes on sports superstars ratherrepparttar 109524 education of young black men.

We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me about blacks who hide out inrepparttar 109525 black neighborhood as Democrats but vote Republican and share inrepparttar 109526 wealth ofrepparttar 109527 community behind closed doors.

We’re at a crossroad! Talk to me about black entrepreneurs who discourage each other from hiring young blacks for fear of stealth, absenteeism and lackadaisical behavior.

__________________ Nate Perkins Live! We're At A Crossroad. You've been hoodwinked. Talk To Me. ISBN:1-1420-3606-2 Perfect bound, 145 pages, WWW.TRAFFORD.COM/ROBOTS/1434.HTML

Honorable Retired Disabled Veteran Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel “Nate” W. Perkins served in the U.S. Army for 24 years, in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology Warfare at the highest level. His leadership started as Captain of his high school football team, basketball team and track team, and evolved to Chief of Information Assurance at the U.S. Army Forces Command. He fought in the Gulf War and received a Bronze Star.


Written by Karen Fegarty

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InfoSystems – Info Systems offers a number of web-based interactive products.

Browse-N-Talk tm is a “Click to Call Me” button that, strategically positioned on a web page, allows visitors to click on it and immediately connect viarepparttar regular telephone to a customer support or sales person. Call Mail tm allows subscribers to send e-mails with a “Click to Talk to Me” button inrepparttar 109523 signatures. The recipient ofrepparttar 109524 e-mail clicks onrepparttar 109525 button and is immediately connected via regular telephone withrepparttar 109526 sender Vox2eMail tm is an indispensable tool for business travelers, managers, staff or customers. It allows them to send an e-mail with a voice message attachment from any touch-tone phone inrepparttar 109527 world. Pricing ranges from Free forrepparttar 109528 Vox2eMail service to various pricing structures forrepparttar 109529 other services.

Broadc@stHTML Broadc@stHTML from MailWorkZ is an email marketing software product that has fully integratedrepparttar 109530 Live Person technology. Customers using Broadc@st to create, manage and send email marketing campaigns can also includerepparttar 109531 “Click-to-Chat” button right within their email campaign.

Pricing is $249 to create and send multiple campaigns, each with up to 1000 emails, $795 to manage multiple campaigns of up to 10,000 emails, and $2495 to manage multiple unlimited size campaigns. Live Person costs are extra.

Karen Fegarty is co-founder of MailWorkZ. MailWorkZ is the producer of innovative e-marketing tools including Broadc@st, a leading email/bulk email marketing software tool and ezTrackZ online ad tracking. Claim your trial of Broadc@st today and trial ezTrackZ ad tracker at

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