Myths on Top Search Engine Rankings & Link Popularity

Written by George Papazoglou

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Again, search engine robots seem to "ignore" this abused "strategy". Don't worry, you won't get your site banned, but also don't anticipate measurable results.

~~ Myth #5 ~~

Using Search Engine Submission Services and Software will Skyrocket your Search Engine Rankings

If most search engines offer a "free submission" option, what would berepparttar benefit of paying for a submission service to promote your site? Obviously no benefit.

Since search engines are programmed to "spider / crawl" your web site throughrepparttar 128138 links it receives from other web locations (sites), any additional promotional effort is evidently futile.

~~ Myth #6 ~~

Search Engines don't Index Dynamically Generated Pages...

Top search engines like Google and Altavista (and not only) do index dynamically generated pages / links, but don't necessarily count them as a "good hub" towards optimum link popularity. Dynamically generated hyperlinks / web-pages like affiliate links and certain database-driven webs, can be "spidered" and actually appear in search engine indexes. It's up to a search engine's algorithm to "decide" how high will a web page appear in its' results.

Enigmatic Hint: A selected few savvy webmasters are acquainted with a little-known, yet legitimate technique, that is based on a specific search engine algorithm to generate thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing commissions.

Combiningrepparttar 128139 forces of link popularity and a strategic usage of meta tags (oh, yes... meta-tags are *still* important), will turn any web site literally hot wired and competitive. However, you'd need more than conventional search engine marketing methods to vie with your competition.

Many webmasters have resorted to submission software to boost rankings and automaterepparttar 128140 indexing procedure. These tools are promoted aggressively by marketers who promise to produce superlative results. Yes, these "tools" were good but... once upon a time. The main purpose of using such tools is to automate your search engine submission, but you'd better resort to other, self-promotional avenues by... enriching your knowledge.

Since we "debugged" 6 ofrepparttar 128141 most shattering search engine marketing myths based on top ranks and optimum link popularity,repparttar 128142 "comeback" is almost obvious...

The postmortem ofrepparttar 128143 whole chronicle, is thatrepparttar 128144 search engine marketing savvy is a priceless "virtual" asset. No matter how classy a website is, if it isn't search engine optimized, only a strong budget can bring-in visitors (add "prospective" before visitors) -- an everlasting "marriage" withrepparttar 128145 advertising companies.

George Papazoglou is the Creator of the Search Engine Pro-2001 Marketing Course and ex-Web Site Optimization Veteran.

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How To Boost Your Keyword Density On Your Web Site To Gain Top Positions At The Search Engines

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

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Example #1

Click Here For The Absolute Truth To Internet Marketing & The Secrets To Online Wealth

If you were to use this type of linking in Example #1. The Search Engines would pick allrepparttar "Click Here" hyper links and would think thatrepparttar 128137 words "click here" are keywords that describerepparttar 128138 content of your web site.

So remove allrepparttar 128139 "Click Here's" and replace them with keywords that describe your web site. That isrepparttar 128140 only way to increase your keyword density when you are using links. You should end up with something like this in Example #2:

Example #2

Inside Internet Marketing The Absolute Truth To Internet Marketing & The Secrets To Online Wealth.

Part 3: Images

First of all if you have images on your web site,repparttar 128141 images don't mean squat torepparttar 128142 Search Engines. Whenrepparttar 128143 Search Engines robots crawl your web site, those images are nothing more than blank spots. The same blank spots are shown torepparttar 128144 surfers that have arrived on your web site withrepparttar 128145 images turned off. You'll find that many surfers surfrepparttar 128146 web with images turned off.

This is whererepparttar 128147 alternate tag (ALT Tag) comes into play. The ALT tag is used to describe your image torepparttar 128148 surfers that surfrepparttar 128149 web with images off and most importantly, improves your keyword density. Here is an example of how to installrepparttar 128150 ALT tag in your images:

My Graphic Description

When describingrepparttar 128151 image you want to be very descriptive and use keywords. Most people don't install their ALT Tag properly, for instance, on their logo image they'll use "My Logo" inrepparttar 128152 ALT Tag. Which isrepparttar 128153 wrong way to effectively userepparttar 128154 ALT Tag, there are no keywords in "My Logo".

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