Mystical Physicists

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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He cited evidence from both theories that support a new paradigm of a more interrelated, fluid, and less absolute basis of existence, one in which mind is an active participant. ‘Information contributes fundamentally torepparttar qualities of substance.’ He discussed forms, fields, superconductivity, wave function and electron behavior. ‘Wave function, which operates through form, is closer to life and mind... The electron has a mindlike quality.’” (1)

The early quantum physicists like Neils Bohr were ridiculed by those who could not comprehendrepparttar 127626 majesty of their attempts to explain our reality. The debunker’s inductive reasoning which imposes direct inferential theory upon nature has caused a setback that science has yet to overcome. Despite their stated fear of religion these theories are in fact doing whatrepparttar 127627 Dark Ages did to sincere seekers of truth. It wasrepparttar 127628 dawning of a New Age which revived ancient Chaos Science. Our whole computerized creative and productive world is largely a function of these ‘atom mysticists’. In response to that epithet they have drivenrepparttar 127629 message home by showing over and over again that most know-nothing scientists are in cahoots with ignorance or worse. Michio Kaku of 'Hyperspace' does it well.

These giants of intellect foundrepparttar 127630 soul ofrepparttar 127631 Mandukya Upanishads (Wigner) andrepparttar 127632 S-Matrix math inrepparttar 127633 Tao Te Ching (Capra). Heisenberg ‘observed’ asrepparttar 127634 cat appeared, or did not, depending on whether Schrödinger was there to witness. All Zen aficionados were overjoyed to seerepparttar 127635 Western predilection for linear thinking in boxes was being changed from within. A far greater amount of possibility-thinking and real independent inquiry has resulted. All theatres of thought are now called post-Modern by ‘experts’ in ivory towers who are usually wrong. Bohr said, ‘A great truth has an opposite which is also true. A trivial truth has an opposite which is false.’

The Club of Rome is doing a lot of good analysis of issues andrepparttar 127636 need for multi-disciplinarian principles in a new technological era. Here is something they say which I heartily approve of.

“Systems of education are less and less adapted torepparttar 127637 new issues, torepparttar 127638 new emerging global society we are presently involved in. New priorities force us to redefinerepparttar 127639 role of education, which should be conceived as a permanent learning process. Transmission of knowledge is no longer sufficient, and new objectives such as developing one's own potential and creativity, orrepparttar 127640 capacity of adaptation to change are becoming essential in a rapidly changing world.

The Club of Rome considers that education is both part ofrepparttar 127641 global problematique and also an essential tool to become an effective actor in control of one's own life and within society. If there are "Limits to Growth", there are "No Limits to Learning" (titles of two Reports torepparttar 127642 Club of Rome).” (2)

Inrepparttar 127643 area of physicsrepparttar 127644 Classical Electromagnetic Model or particles and force constructs, have given way to wave behavior models that allow harmonic interaction and affinity across space-time as I see it. There are some people who have such an ingrained or visceral response to mystical concepts that it makes one wonder how effective our propaganda paradigm that has waged war on enablement ofrepparttar 127645 soul in each living thing has been. The space-time interval is only invariant in same frequency realms and astrophysicists know gravity is an instantaneous effect. Brian Greene isrepparttar 127646 first physicist with 'groupies' according to George Stephanopoulos, one time Clinton Press Secretary. Greene wroterepparttar 127647 ELEGANT UNIVERSE a best-seller that explains String Theory and how it could answer some ofrepparttar 127648 deepest aspects of human experience. He made a major contribution in 1992 that showed howrepparttar 127649 fabric of space could tear and repair itself. This is not possible according to relativity and its expression ofrepparttar 127650 space/time continuum. The existence of anti-matter and 'black holes' are quite a conundrum for science that finds itself provingrepparttar 127651 mystics understandings - 'fast and furious'.

My premise at its worst is that we must understandrepparttar 127652 mystics even if they are wrong about reality. There will be little achieved by constantly negating whatever reality they have been able to ‘see’ and there has been a lot of advancement in science that proves they were right. But when told that this line of reasoning is religious or ‘airy-fairy’ I can only say – if we do not know howrepparttar 127653 sages or great minds saw reality how can we expect to help make a new reality that is better? How can you call Pythagoras weird (for example) when he contributed so much? How can people be so silly when they know they can’t do what he did? Is it ego that makes man so closed-minded? Here is a response to a physicist who sees (finally) that I have gatheredrepparttar 127654 words ofrepparttar 127655 top scientists, who agree with me. He seeks to rationalizerepparttar 127656 ‘One’ and understandrepparttar 127657 ego – which is a start at least.

Rational? Is that missing fromrepparttar 127658 work of philosophers like Sartre who said 'Love is absent space'. No - what is missing is an appeal to reductive and gradualistic paradigm ego orrepparttar 127659 need for POWER above all else. But that need for power actually produces less power and plentitude.

I tell you this - you do not know consciousness or it's origin and you can findrepparttar 127660 best explanations in ancient writings and disciplines likerepparttar 127661 Sutras. It works!

Is what works rational? Not necessarily. Rational and religion orrepparttar 127662 anthropomorphing urge of ego is everywhere evident in non-cooperative mindsets.

Here isrepparttar 127663 way I could say it offrepparttar 127664 top of my head.

Inrepparttar 127665 beginning there was energy in many dimensions. These dimensions gradually got in touch at some distance with information carried on attractive forces like gravity. These contacts grew and pathways formed - see my article called Affinity under those Google links or here. The pathways became lattices and vectors and valences of these energies which began to design ways to form new harmonizing potentials.

Laws of behavior and some kind of design began to actualize or manifest and over trillions of years a lot of knowledge and ways of creating becamerepparttar 127666 way ofrepparttar 127667 world or universes.

Consciousness came later andrepparttar 127668 soul is an outgrowth of this collective which directs us throughrepparttar 127669 structures and lattices (helical and otherwise - time has a helical structure and seven layers too) inrepparttar 127670 likes of DNA. guest expert Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Free courses at

The Non - Spatial Natural Selection (NSNS) or The NSTP Theory of Evolution

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

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spatial species ( or structures ) and consequently selects them in order to executerepparttar plan of design. The Darwinian natural selection is Spatial Natural Selection ( SNS ), whilerepparttar 127625 later one, being a specific case or application ofrepparttar 127626 NSTP theory, is Non - Spatial ( Computational ) Natural Selection ( NSNS ), which should now be called as Joshian Natural Selection. NSNS, through its idea of non - spatial computational intelligence creating orderly spatial illusion, answersrepparttar 127627 hardest biological problems such asrepparttar 127628 problem of cell development and differentiation ( ) orrepparttar 127629 problem of newly minted protein settling intorepparttar 127630 correct shape ( ), whichrepparttar 127631 Darwinian theory of evolution, or, in general,repparttar 127632 SNS completely fails to answer. And it is very clear thatrepparttar 127633 Joshian ( Non - Spatial ) Theory of Evolution is atrepparttar 127634 heart of evolution, notrepparttar 127635 Darwinian ( spatial ) theory of evolution. In effect,repparttar 127636 Darwinian theory of evolution is severely incomplete and hardly, if at all, answers how life develops.

The watchmaker is not blind but extremely intelligent, powerful, and a great foreseer. - Joshi

What is life ? - Erwin Schrodinger

Fromrepparttar 127637 NSTP theoretical perspective life is of two kinds :

1) Pseudo life - As space is a form of illusion to non-spatial mind, all spatial entities have pseudo life.

2) Real life - As feelings/consciousness is real/physical/material, all conscious entities, like I, have real life.

- Kedar Joshi

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