Myrtle Beach Tee Times – A Quick Glance

Written by Evans Putman

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Replays - Most Grand Strand golf courses offer discounted replay rates. Availability depends uponrepparttar season. Make sure to specify that you would like a replay and replay rate before you tee off inrepparttar 140909 morning. Duringrepparttar 140910 slow seasons, many golf courses will let you play again at no cost. Whenever you inquire about replay rates, make sure to also inquire about cart fees.

Singles - Are you a single in need of tee times? Always callrepparttar 140911 golf course a day early. You might luck out and get paired up with a grouprepparttar 140912 following day. Otherwise, you'll be told to show up inrepparttar 140913 morning and wait for a group that needs one golfer.

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Paul Hamm: Did He Deserve Gymnastics Gold in 2004?

Written by Murray Hughes

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Why does Yang Tae Young, his rival, not deserve gold?

Perhaps more convincing isrepparttar reason as to why Yang Tae Young, Paul Hamm’s Korean rival, does not deserverepparttar 140908 gold medal so many have attributed to him. Firstly,repparttar 140909 Korean gymnastics team’s representative was late in calling in a complaint, which maderepparttar 140910 investigation itself - and allrepparttar 140911 stress associated with it - completely invalid (Olympic rules state, that a protest needs to be made beforerepparttar 140912 end of any full game, such as withrepparttar 140913 parallel bars, andrepparttar 140914 Koreans did not do so). Even then,repparttar 140915 judges were suspended, andrepparttar 140916 probing took place. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, even ifrepparttar 140917 judges gave Tae Youngrepparttar 140918 extra .10 points warranted byrepparttar 140919 difficulty of his routine, he still would have scored lower than he did because of yet another ancillary error. Afterrepparttar 140920 tapes were reviewed, it was revealed that Tae Young accidentally made four holds onrepparttar 140921 bars rather thanrepparttar 140922 allotted three, which would have resulted in a deduction of .2, still leaving him with a deficit of a tenth of a point.

The snafu regarding Paul Hamm’s gold medal - versus, of course, givingrepparttar 140923 medal up torepparttar 140924 South Korean team - is regretable. There should have been no question that Hamm deserved his medal, and he certainly should not have had to deal withrepparttar 140925 problems aroundrepparttar 140926 world. Nor, indeed, did he deserve all ofrepparttar 140927 ill press surrounding his name. The gold medal was well-earned. It certainly bears no tarnishing, and neither does his record.

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