Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations and Hurricanes – How to Weather the Storm

Written by Evans Putman

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  • Watchrepparttar local weather station and follow their advice.
  • Check on earlier flights and arrive earlier atrepparttar 150679 airport.
  • Fill your car with a full tank of gas at first sign of hurricane.
  • Map out evacuation routes before your leave.
  • Pack water and food in case of traffic jams when driving.
  • Don’t wait untilrepparttar 150680 last minute to evacuate.

Most golf packages provide refunds or rain checks inrepparttar 150681 event of cancellations and evacuations due to hurricanes. Make sure to ask about this before booking your Myrtle Beach golf vacation. Even if you are not planning a Myrtle Beach golf trip during hurricane season, go ahead and ask your golf package provider about refunds and cancellations caused by bad weather.

Whatever you do, don’t takerepparttar 150682 threat of hurricanes lightly. Pay attention to local weather forecasts. Listen to local officials. Followrepparttar 150683 steps above and giver yourself plenty of time to evacuate your golf vacation destination safely.

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Why Take an Amazon Cruise ?

Written by John Metcalfe

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The river is much narrower here, so Amazon cruise crafts are smaller, takingrepparttar form of riverboats with a capacity to hold no more than 50 or 60 passengers. The favored port of departure and return on a Peru Amazon cruise is located atrepparttar 150650 city of Iquitos. Most passengers arrive at Iquitos by air on an internal flight from Lima -repparttar 150651 capital of Peru..

An unforgettable adventure No matter where your Amazon cruise departs from, what you'll see and hear alongrepparttar 150652 way will dazzle, entertain and often render you speechless! You could take in a shore excursion where you'll meet a local shaman in a remote Amazonian village, or perhaps you'll go trekking inrepparttar 150653 jungle on a quest to discover rare species of plant and animal..

Fromrepparttar 150654 cruise boat toorepparttar 150655 Amazon is full of surprises! Imagine coming face to face withrepparttar 150656 smallest monkey inrepparttar 150657 world as it dangles from a tree branch close to your boat, or watchingrepparttar 150658 mesmerizing display of a shimmering six-foot Golden Dourada one ofrepparttar 150659 most beautiful freshwater fish inrepparttar 150660 world. It really does make for an unforgettable experience..

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