My other life is exciting, is yours?

Written by Garry Munro

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Well, what are you waiting for, you have a dream, you have written it down and you know what isrepparttar very first step you must now take, so go ahead, take that first step, youll feel better for just having started.

Youre now on your way to achieving your dream, take a bow, pat yourself onrepparttar 140766 back and then move on and takerepparttar 140767 next step and thenrepparttar 140768 next.

Before you know it, your steps go from a slow walk to a jog and then to a full sprint torepparttar 140769 finish line of achieving whatever it is that started out as your dream.

Sound easy, well its not but you must make a start, have repparttar 140770 passion and desire for achieving your dreams, decide to work hard at making your dreams become a reality, decide to do whatever it takes and start stepping your way to success NOW!

Garry Munro is a successful consultant, speaker & coach in the area of self-development.

Based in Sydney Australia he runs his own business "Minds Alike" and works with small business owners and individuals assisting them to set & achieve their goals.

Visit his blog site at for more articles on success, business and self motivation.

The Good Luck Recipe!

Written by Kenia Morales

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Now, I know what you are thinking: Kenia you were lucky that day! Well, I haverepparttar same opinion to a certain extent. What I also notice is that I made two small efforts: I planned to go job hunting I went job hunting (as planned)

Even if I would have not seen my friend, I am positive that I would have landed a job. It probably would have taken me longer than a day to find one, even a month. Thanks torepparttar 140748 fact that I maderepparttar 140749 choice to not wait for an employer to knock on my door. If I would have not stepped outside intending to go job hunting, I probably would not have mentioned it to my friend. Therefore, she would have not been able to help me.

So, if you want to be lucky in life work hard to get what you want. It isrepparttar 140750 most certain way to fulfill your desires.

Determine your own luck!

Kenia Morales

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