My Wacky Test Marketing Experiment Succeeded

Written by Jim Green

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2.Completed questionnaire forms flooded in supplying me with what I needed to know before pressingrepparttar button on production.

3.Both versions of my new product were generated in 24 hours andrepparttar 142717 website doctored to include ordering facilities.

Net result:

1.43 pre-paid downloads on 60 days evaluation.

2.459 new subscriptions to my newsletter.

So what have I learned from my wacky test marketing?

Just this:

1.Doing what youíve always done before doesnít necessarily make it right because rules are there to be broken.

2.Listening to your intuition even when you think it is way off beam sometimes pays off.

You may viewrepparttar 142718 fruits of my idiosyncrasy if you wish atrepparttar 142719 website featured inrepparttar 142720 resource box below.

Jim Green is an online enthusiast and bestselling author with an ever-growing string of traditionally published niche non-fiction hard copy titles to his credit. View his test marketing experiment at this website:

I Donít Smoke, But I Love a Good .sig!

Written by Jonathan van Clute

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Notice I said that this is what my .sig looks like atrepparttar moment. Your signature is a dynamic thing, and you are free to change it at any time. In fact, you donít even have to have a standard one. Though most email programs have a place for you to put in automatic signatures, you can also simply type two hyphens, hit return, and type whatever you wish to be your signature on that particular email or posting. Think ofrepparttar 142716 possibilities, be creative! Play with formatting and layout, donít be afraid to create simple shapes & boxes as I did above. Beware however that formatting doesnít always survive in emails, especially in html format, so you will want to experiment with sending yourself emails a few times while you get it ďjust right.Ē

As long as you followrepparttar 142717 protocol of two hyphens followed by your content, and place this atrepparttar 142718 bottom of your email, this is a universally acceptable method of self-promotion. The absolutely most critical component is, that your actual communication whether it be email or a forum posting must be on-topic!

This means you canít just post a message saying ďI agree!Ē followed by your signature, on a dozen forums and not expect to be criticized for it. So make sure whatever you have to say is relevant torepparttar 142719 topic at hand, and then be sure to include your .sig atrepparttar 142720 conclusion of your writing.

I believe that too many investors, business people, artists, and more do not take advantage of this amazingly powerful method of nearly-viral marketing. The major players in web-based email have known aboutrepparttar 142721 power of this for years! HotMail for example was a success primarily because of this technique! Back when they first started, their only form of advertising was by putting a small message about themselves atrepparttar 142722 bottom of every email each HotMail user sent. This meant that, whether they wanted to or not, every recipient of a HotMail userís email was exposed to a HotMail ad with a link to sign up. Because of this, HotMail was my first web-based email account back around 1998. Today, I donít know of any major web-mail provider that does not include a link to themselves in each userís email messages. This technique works; people do click those links!

In closing, Iíd like to make a confession. I myself only created my .sig very recently. Though intellectually I knew all these facts and benefits to be true, I just didnít takerepparttar 142723 necessary action! Now that I have done so, I have received many more website visitors, and participants in some of my business ventures, because they saw my signature and decided to click. Creating this signature was such a little thing, why on earth did I wait so long to do it?!

Donít wait Ė take action now. Needless to say, this advice extends far beyond just creating a good .sig!

Jonathan van Clute is a full time investor, educator, speaker, and online options and sports arbitrage trader. In addition to his business activities, he is also a musician, video editor/animator, and one of the world's greatest Segway Polo athletes. He can be reached via email at and is speaking at an upcoming teleseminar, visit for details.

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