My Vision of Multiple Streams of Income, Part 2

Written by Peter Dobler

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I also tapped intorepparttar extensive library of SFIís partner IAHBE. At first I just joined this organization because it guarantees my position inrepparttar 145284 SFI network. But after researching their services and utilizing their benefits like free mail leads, I have to say that this is a great institution. Itís worth every penny of your monthly fees.

Speaking about value-added services and benefits. The one thing Iím truly impressed with isrepparttar 145285 quality and consistency ofrepparttar 145286 marketing material offered by SFI. The wealth of online and offline marketing material can be overwhelming, but if you use it appropriate it is a very effective tool. Of course SFI also offers quality products and services, which makes it easy to sell.

By using Stone Evansí PIPS (Plugin Profit Site) system I could maximize these efforts. Iím selling all sorts of products and I already received several commission checks through my affiliate program with Clickbank. This is a huge affiliate provider for electronic books and software. My job is to attract customers torepparttar 145287 products and thenrepparttar 145288 manufacturer or author ofrepparttar 145289 product does allrepparttar 145290 selling and credit card processing. As soon asrepparttar 145291 credit card is processed I receive a commission, which varies between products.

After about 3 months of running this business I would say that Iím still a little bit negative with my finances, but this is due to my extensive Google AdWords campaigns. By not counting this, Iím actually making some money. Nothing to brag about, but maybe in another 3 months my tune might change.

Please send me an email if you like to hear an update more often.

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner.

Accounting for Affiliate Marketers

Written by Charles Waters

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Getting receipts means that you'll have to think ahead. When you buy something online, printrepparttar receipt page. When you subscribe to a service that may pull a fee from your checking account or credit card account on a monthly basis, make sure to opt in to any e-mail notification of transactions that you might be able to get.

Print everything out and put it in a folder for that years tax records. You won't regret it when tax season comes along.

You will also get a much better picture of how much money you're earning. I think a lot of affiliate marketers brag about their checks, but conveniently forget that out ofrepparttar 145283 $10,000.00 they earned last month, they spent $8,000.00 for PPC advertising, $27.00 for Wordtracker, $100.00 for their web host, ect, etc, reducing their actual profit to enough to buy some bubble gum.

There's great software that makes all of this easier of course. Quicken or MS Money Home and Business editions or PeachTree accounting would all makerepparttar 145284 whole process of tracking these numbers much less painful.

Finally, there are real benefits (and some costs) to incorporating yourself. Incorporating changesrepparttar 145285 tax rules and create scenarios that let you put more of your profit into your pocket. They also help to shield you from liability. I'm not a lawyer, so I'd recommend talking to an tax law lawyer. I incorporated in Florida andrepparttar 145286 entire expense was about $495.00.

Charles Waters discovered the wonderful world of affiliate marketing in 2003 and has never looked back. Today, he operates several successful money making web pages, including The Affiliates Home.

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