My Uncle Art - Infamous Bataan Death March Survivor

Written by Dave Franzwa

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We were all onrepparttar beach setting up lunch (OK, you were settin up lunch; I was being a five year old). The shore was fairly shallow, gradually getting deeper, except for one spot. That one spot was well over my head.

I proceeded to run downrepparttar 140955 beach and jump into what I expected to be up to knees, and "sploop," under I went.

My life flashed before my eyes, (both seconds of it), and I knew I was going to die.

Then I felt this great big hand pull me fromrepparttar 140956 river byrepparttar 140957 head,repparttar 140958 way you might pluck a grapefruit from a basket.

That hand was yours Art, and no one could or ever will convince me that you didn't save my life that day.

I thank you for that, and most ofrepparttar 140959 time, my kids do too.

It wasn't until some years later that I realized that you weren't just my own personal hero, but a man recognized as a hero by my country as well.

I won't go intorepparttar 140960 details of your military heroism. There are those who honor you that know a heck of a lot more about that side of you than I do. The amazing details of your service can be found by performing a search at:

(For anyone interested inrepparttar 140961 details of their own heros of that era, you may be able to find them by doing a search at: . If you have details that would honor one of our WWII veterans, your information would be appreciated.)

I would, however, like to extend my thanks to those who served with you, and to your compatriots who maderepparttar 140962 ultimate sacrifice to keep us free, as well.

You all make me proud to be an American, but Uncle Art...

You make me proud to be a Franzwa.

PS I'm still waiting for that second shaddish lesson. The first one you gave me was forty years ago, and my memory's a bit rusty, so when you've got a little time...

I probably still can't keep up with you, but I'm game if you are.

Your nephew,

David B. Franzwa Lebanon, Oregon

Dave Franzwa, co-author of three wonderful kids, primarily writes about relational sales, online and off. He often just writes about the relations part of the equation. This is one of those. For articles and opinions (completely out of his mind), subscribe to WordWrangler's Press at: And for more:

Aargh those pesky sleep problems!

Written by K Quinn

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3. When your baby wakes up each time duringrepparttar night do you respond immediately with a bottle or do you first tryrepparttar 140942 pat and assure method to see if it's just normal night time waking?

4. Does you child take enough naps duringrepparttar 140943 day

5. Sometimes a little "white noise" can help. I myself sleep with a fan and use a hymn CD for my babies.

6. Make sure you keep baby's crib and bassinet free from toys. This isrepparttar 140944 place for sleep not play.

7. I'm sure you've heard to try and keeprepparttar 140945 night feedings boring. Change, feed, bed. No talky no playie. I've actually done this with great success.

8. Upon waking make sure you greet your baby with a smile and a good morning. They love that!

Ms. Quinn is a foster mother and researcher. Visit her website at

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