My Top 10 Favorite Internet Tools

Written by Jim Edwards

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6. GroupMail - Visit to downloadrepparttar free version of GroupMail. The program allows you to email and do mail merge to your entire database of contacts. It's a great way to stay in touch with customers, family, and clients.

7. Google - As far as I'm concerned, rates asrepparttar 107793 Web's best search engine. When I need to find something online in a hurry, Google usually produces exactly what I want to locate!

8. Front Page - Say what you want about Microsoft, butrepparttar 107794 FrontPage html editor has served me well forrepparttar 107795 last 5 years and counting. Though I don't userepparttar 107796 more advanced features, I can always count on FrontPage to help me get my web pages done quickly and easily.

9. Smart FTP - Log on to and download a free copy ofrepparttar 107797 easiest FTP program I've every used. If you need to transfer files to and from a web server and you know how to use Windows Explorer, Smart FTP will enable you to upload files torepparttar 107798 web like a pro in minutes.

10. Note Tab Light - Perhaps my favorite tool of all. Note Tab enables me to easily format text messages for my newsletters, manipulate html code and remove formatting from word processing documents. Log on to for a free copy ofrepparttar 107799 "light" version.

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Spyware is Watching You

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Double-click on aaw6.exe to executerepparttar installation program (with Windows 2000, first login as Administrator). The installation program puts an icon for Ad-aware on your desk top.

Double click onrepparttar 107792 icon to execute Ad-aware. Inrepparttar 107793 Ad-aware program window, click onrepparttar 107794 [Scan now] button. Onrepparttar 107795 "Preparing system scan" page click onrepparttar 107796 [Next] button.

Ad-aware takes a few minutes to scan your hard drive and registry for spy programs and data tracking cookies. On my system it returnedrepparttar 107797 results:

44 objects recognized 1 Registry key identified 43 files identified

Whenrepparttar 107798 scanning is complete, click onrepparttar 107799 [Next] button. This takes you torepparttar 107800 "scanning results page" which displays a list of objects found. One object found on my computer was "Alexa Data Miner". Then click onrepparttar 107801 [next] button. A dialog box appears asking if you want to removerepparttar 107802 objects. Click onrepparttar 107803 [OK] button to deleterepparttar 107804 spy objects.

The free Ad-aware Standard Edition removes spy software and data tracking cookies from your system. The $27.00 Ad-aware Plus Edition adds real-time monitoring and blocking torepparttar 107805 program. Not only can you remove spy programs from your computer, but you can also BLOCK them from invading your system inrepparttar 107806 first place! I found Ad-aware easy to install and use, and very effective.

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