My Rude Introduction to Arthritis and how I am Coping with It

Written by Jimmie Newell

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Because I had previously had problems using Ibuprofen, he prescribed "Bextra" (a cox 2 inhibitor drug) that seemed very effective. Of course 2 weeks later camerepparttar scare about "Vioxx" also a cox 2 inhibitor drug, and I stopped taking "Bextra", which is now not prescribed by many doctors. I started taking Ibuprofen again, however only in great moderation, I have had no ill effects. I continued withrepparttar 146524 exercises, some gradual improvement was noticed. I also continued taking glucosamine.

All of these measures have contributed to effective pain relief, however even more relief was noticed after losing about 10 lbs. This reinforcesrepparttar 146525 notion that excess weight plays a large role in knee pain.

As of now (going into spring of 2005)repparttar 146526 pain seems to be under control, my activity withrepparttar 146527 possible exception of running, is not restricted in any way. And my golf swing, once again needs work!

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Jim Newell

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Written by Steve Pitman

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