My Perfect Campsite

Written by Chuck Fitzgerald

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So where is my perfect campsite? I wonít tell you exactly, but itís at 7,600 feet elevation just 10 miles fromrepparttar south entrance torepparttar 139714 Grand Canyon and is only 3 miles fromrepparttar 139715 pavement. It sits inrepparttar 139716 Kaibab National Forest amidst countless Ponderosa Pines, has very few insects and cannot be seen fromrepparttar 139717 dirt road which is only 200 feet away. The area has an abundance of elk, deer, firewood and natural running water. From a nearby hill I have a great view ofrepparttar 139718 Grand Canyon. Iíve camped here many times and I donít think anyone else has used this spot inrepparttar 139719 past ten years. Now thatís perfect!

Perhaps your perfect campsite has a swimming pool, electricity, a convenience store, a club house and sewage hookups. Thatís awesome. Camping takes on different looks for different folks andrepparttar 139720 key to gettingrepparttar 139721 most out of your outdoor times is knowing what you like and going after it. Do a little research before heading out and be sure to go take along someone you care about. Youíll be guaranteed to have a great time. Use this information and youíll Get It Right The First Time. Get Outdoors!

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NEW World REcord Blue Catfish!

Written by Mike Clifford

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The fish's stats: 124 lbs, 58" long, 44" girth

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