My PDA, Myself

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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The folks at ZDNet have created a guide to help you decide which PDA models are best for you. While you're there, you can view a list ofrepparttar most popular models and user reviews and even shop online forrepparttar 133575 best prices:,4161,2581305,00.html

Using Your New PDA

All PDA models come bundled withrepparttar 133576 two most important organizing functions: Address book and Calendar. If you use Microsoft Outlook on your desktop computer, you can import all of your current entries with ease via your new handheld's syncing function.

Creating new entries is also a cinch. You haverepparttar 133577 option of tapping an on-screen keyboard with your stylus or "writing"repparttar 133578 text using your device's built-in handwriting function (called "Graffiti" on Palm based systems). Graffiti takes a little bit of getting used to, but it's pretty easy to master. Most users tend to fluctuate betweenrepparttar 133579 two entry systems.

There are thousands of third-party software programs that you can download into your new PDA - many of them are free. My personal favorite is AvantGo, which allows me to carryrepparttar 133580 movie listings from every theater in my local area. These update automatically whenever I sync my handheld to my desktop.

Each ofrepparttar 133581 major PDA manufacturers carries software links. You'll also find much to choose from at these sites:

Bear in mind that you are limited byrepparttar 133582 amount of RAM included in your device. If you find yourself running out, you should look into adding a new memory module.

Technology writer Mark Kellner offersrepparttar 133583 following advice on getting along with your new PDA:

1. Synchronize and backup at least once per day. 2. Watch your batteries. The more inexpensive models tend to use AAA-sized batteries - make sure you have a steady supply. 3. Protect your device with a case. Chances are, your new PDA came with a catalog of third party vendors offering a wide variety of products. Check them out. 4. Get a screen protector. These are thin sheets of plastic that use static to adhere torepparttar 133584 screen.

I received my new Handspring Visor as a Christmas gift and I love it. Because it fits right into my handbag without adding much weight, it is as constant a companion as my wallet and cellular phone. I'm trying out some expense tracking and vehicle expense software, as well as a diet and exercise log and feel good about my prospects of meeting this year's resolutions... I'll let you know in a couple of months!

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Honey, I Shrunk the Chip!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Why get small? Microsystems clearly cost less in raw materials, many of which are plastic. All cost less to power since they are lightweight and tiny. Some even have miniature power plants built right in their itty bitty machinery. Many ofrepparttar same benefits accrue to carbon tube nanocomputers being tested now on a pinhead sized platform.

Now comesrepparttar 133574 fun part! What happens when tiny machines powered by tiny microprocessors are humming away in tiny corners of every appliance making them work better, faster, cheaper and more efficiently? Ubiquitous computing is here! There's even a conference on this infant technology that is just over two years old and still in diapers, but growing fast as it approaches it's third event in September 2002.

The idea here is not to make computers a noticable part of our lives, but to make them disappear entirely while making everything easier. Is that clear-as-mud in a really tiny river?

Not only will all devices, furniture and even clothing be computing constantly, but they'll each be connected to each other and torepparttar 133575 internet to make life easier for everyone. As with all utopian dreams, there is a dark side to this wondrous little liliputian world.

What about privacy?

With our underwear talking to global positioning satellites, it may be possible to have a really tiny big brother sewn intorepparttar 133576 elastic in your shorts. Wearable computers are available now with blood pressure monitors and tiny insulin- injecting pumps for those who need them. A microprocessor controlled artificial leg allowed Curtis Grimsley to escaperepparttar 133577 70th floor ofrepparttar 133578 World Trade Center on September 11. echnology/circuits/03KNEE.html

When all of these tiny computers can talk with each other and be connected torepparttar 133579 web, it's time to take a serious look at who has access to which microprocessor and when.

I propose that we do that now, before privacy concern becomes a giant issue in a shrinking world.

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