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Written by Dawn Jenness

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for all types of pets, and even natural products for you! Just send me an email with "subscribe" inrepparttar subject line, and your name and address inrepparttar 124258 body to:

I got into this business because I had an 11 yr. old shih tzu named Harry. He passed away after enduring canine urological syndrome, thyroid problems and in the end, Cushing's disease. If I would have had the education about commercial pet foods a long time ago, he would probably still be here now.

Working on your tan!

Written by Working on your tan!

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That is where your ezine publishers come in handy. Most of your publishers are very diligent and generously provide solid information to assist you in your search for information. And we learn from you too! When subbies takerepparttar time to establish a connection withrepparttar 124257 publisher, we all share what we know and grow together. Working on your tan or you online biz can be time consuming but it can be FUN when you do it with friends.

Linda Landry isrepparttar 124258 publisher of CYBERSHOPNEWS an ezine dedicated to providing motivating and informative articles and an affordable media to promote your online biz opps. She is alsorepparttar 124259 proprietor of two retail websites: http://www.galleryogifts and http://www.galleryodefense and listed inrepparttar 124260 National Registry of Who's Who in Executives and Professionals 2003-4. You can reach her by email at: for more info. This article may be reprinted if left intact and with this resource box. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Linda Landry is a new net 'marketeer' with two retail websites and an ezine, CYBERSHOPNEWS. She is a publisher dedicated to providing motivational and inspirational articles and an affordable media to advertise your online biz opps.

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