My Garden Soul-The Agonies of Our Delightful Addiction

Written by Jenny Harker

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Do I really want this jewel of a plant, this tempting beauty, breaking up my happy garden?

Can I live without my new love?

No! Why should I have to live without this beauty? I'mrepparttar gardener! I decide what is planted and what isn't!

I setrepparttar 142086 new plant in my basket, shove my guilt down deep inside, and stride determinedly torepparttar 142087 checkout counter.

I happily wallow in guilt-free denial while waiting in line. My new plant is in good hands.

But maybe I can grow it withrepparttar 142088 marigolds? I could give it a shot. They might get along. Marigolds are tolerant souls.

Yes! Decision made. My marigolds are about to meet a new friend. I am no longer a horrible person for considering dumping my little buddies.

I amrepparttar 142089 gardener, a proud caretaker ofrepparttar 142090 earth! My guilt slithers off to haunt me during my next nursery visit.

We gardeners have a deep relationship with our plants, each and every one.

But we always manage to find room for one more.

Jenny Harker is an avid gardener and writer offering free PDF e-books on gardening and the gardening life at

Improve Your Home’s Landscape in 6 Easy Steps

Written by Tom Ridgeway

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Everyone has battledrepparttar tangled mess ofrepparttar 142000 garden hose at some time. Endrepparttar 142001 tangles this summer with a decorative hose holder. The holder will keeprepparttar 142002 hose neatly coiled while providing another decorative accent to enhancerepparttar 142003 look of your home.


The spigot is another opportunity to add torepparttar 142004 character of your home. By changing your spigots you can make a significant change torepparttar 142005 look of your home and garden. With such a wide variety of shapes to choose from, there’s no reason not to replace those tarnished old spigots with new brass ones. Have your children pick a faucet ornament that depicts their favorite pet, animal, bird or other theme and place a different spigot on each outdoor faucet (the kids will love this!). It’s a simple change that will upgraderepparttar 142006 look of your home.


Create a beautiful accent forrepparttar 142007 entry of your home with an address plaque. The address plaque can be personalized with your name and address in a classic and elegant manner. Or, add a welcome mat with a design that reflects your style. Welcome mats can also be personalized with your name. Address plaques and welcome mats are easy and quick ways to accentrepparttar 142008 entry to your home.

Follow these 6 steps today and makerepparttar 142009 most of your home and garden. A few simple touches can take your home’s look and character from ordinary to outstanding!


Tom Ridgeway is the President of House and Garden Accents, an online retailer of unique exterior décor accessories. House and Garden Accents is dedicated to providing products that enhance the beauty and charm of customers’ homes. Visit their website today to find a variety of finely crafted products at affordable prices, including all of the products mentioned above.

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