My First Car A 1962 Chevy Belair “The Black Beauty”

Written by Sue DeFiore

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Whenever we had to make a trip intorepparttar city (New York that is), my father made me drive while he sat inrepparttar 150333 back seat. It had a amazingly comfortable ride, even with allrepparttar 150334 pot holes onrepparttar 150335 Long Island Expressway! In addition to drives intorepparttar 150336 city, I had loads of fun inrepparttar 150337 Black Beauty with my friends.

Unfortunately I had to sellrepparttar 150338 “Black Beauty” when my husband and I went off to graduate school. However, don’t feel too bad, we had replaced it with a 1976 Pontiac Trans Am, yep,repparttar 150339 last ofrepparttar 150340 big 455’s. Plus we hadrepparttar 150341 engine blue printed, balanced and a whole lot more, so it really hauled a**!

We soldrepparttar 150342 Black Beauty to a neighbor, who took outrepparttar 150343 vinyl seats and lo and beholdrepparttar 150344 cloth ones were in excellent condition. He eventually sold it to his brother in Brooklyn, who while driving one day went to step onrepparttar 150345 brake pedal and his foot went throughrepparttar 150346 floor. Unfortunatelyrepparttar 150347 harsh NY winters aren’t kind to cars!

I think many of us wax sentimental when we think of our first car, I know I do! Luckily , I still have my pictures and some very great memories of my “Black Beauty”!

Drive On!

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Researching Vehicles Online

Written by Amber Lowery

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After you know what type of vehicle you are shopping for, you can focus on a make and model. Be sure to read reviews from existing owners, they often times can save you from purchasing something that isnt going to make you happy.

There are many excellent consumer review sites onrepparttar internet that have a wealth of information on what owners like and dislike about their vehicles.

Here are a couple of sites to get you started:

Many auto review sites also offer price guides so that you can know in advance whatrepparttar 150134 vehicle of your choice is likely to cost you. Also, auto makers often offer price quotes directly from their sites. You can also find additional information, pictures, and sometimes video atrepparttar 150135 auto makers sites.

Once you have done all of your research, selectedrepparttar 150136 make an model ofrepparttar 150137 vehicles you are interested in, you can then go to your local dealership armed with all ofrepparttar 150138 information necessary to make an informed buying decision. By researching vehicles online, you can save time, money and gain piece of mind.

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