My Clairsentience

Written by Heidi B. Lapin

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That is something I am able to do more and more often now. I only started doing that by chance; it just happened. So, I made myself more aware and in touch with this new “way” to read and now it happens more often. I have been doing more and more spiritual sessions with people who have lost a loved one. The spirits seem to be willing to participate with me and guide me by showing me certain things, thus making me able to giverepparttar client more detailed messages. Many times, they take me on a trance-like journey to their childhood home orrepparttar 122395 home thatrepparttar 122396 client may now live or be very familiar with. They take me throughoutrepparttar 122397 house and show me specific things of significance such as a teddy bear on a bed, details of a painting on a wall, or even a crack in a wall or hole in a door. At first, I thought, “why is he/she showing me this?” But I began to realize it’s better just to mention it torepparttar 122398 client even if it seems frivolous to me. It must be something important, so I just say what I see. I have also wondered if mayberepparttar 122399 spirit(s) take me on these “detailed journeys” to somehow prove my authenticity to putrepparttar 122400 client as ease and to show they’re reallyrepparttar 122401 spirit and not some spirit pretending to be them. That is something some spirits and ghosts do whenrepparttar 122402 living do séances and/or use a Quija Board. It’s like a free ticket to enter into our realm. Sometimes, imposter spirits will actually act likerepparttar 122403 spirit being called just to play around withrepparttar 122404 living. Why? I honestly don’t really know!

As a long time clairsentient witch, I wrote a quick essay on what I am and what I do. I have this info on my website but usually give it to new clients to give him or her an idea of what I am and what to expect. I have been a clairsentient spiritual advisor on a professional level since appoximately 1996 and have built my clientele by only word-of-mouth references and by those whom come across my website.

Love in Toubled Times.

Written by Averi Torres

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Every human being lives in fear. Our fears are deep within our subconscious, well hidden, and manifest whenrepparttar mind gets churned by external events. You can learn how to leave behindrepparttar 122394 world of fear to live inrepparttar 122395 world of love.

Through meditation, positive thought, and right action you can realizerepparttar 122396 Divine unity in which all life is one. You will still need to take precautions for safety, but can do so without fear.

When you know you and I are one – that you do care for me and you know that I care for you, what is to fear? Fear will leave your life.

Become a visionary, breathing a new reality into existence and anchor it through love and dedication to service. Today can be a rededication torepparttar 122397 passion of living,repparttar 122398 passion of loving, allowing you to appreciaterepparttar 122399 miracle of this moment in time. Allow yourself to connect with spirit in whatever way you choose, then sharerepparttar 122400 love in your heart and in your soul with those around you.

When your mind is at peace your heart can be filled with love!


I celebraterepparttar 122401 miracle of living a life of love. I can and do deal with my fears, for God is my partner. I bring light, love, and laughter to everyone I meet today. I say yes to Love!

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Blessings of light, fulfillment, affluence and Love, Love, and more Love!


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