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Written by Randy Martin

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Our company is called Cre8ive Enzymes ( and we our proud to joinrepparttar community of “Green Industries” that our changingrepparttar 132232 way we live our lives. Using our products produces no harmful byproducts. Our customers can dispose of their spa or cleaning water withrepparttar 132233 security of knowing that they are not contaminatingrepparttar 132234 environment at all. We are glad to be a part ofrepparttar 132235 growing movement towards a greener world, free ofrepparttar 132236 toxins and chemicals that can poison our world.

We now have hundreds of customers, still growing, and nothing but positive feedback and repeat business from our satisfied clients. In addition torepparttar 132237 Spa Magic, we sell other great cleaning products for your house and your pets.

The thing that pleased merepparttar 132238 most about this discovery wasrepparttar 132239 confirmation it gave me that green solutions haverepparttar 132240 power to beat synthetic/chemical solutions inrepparttar 132241 marketplace through both superior efficacy and cost effectiveness. There is hope yet, that consumers may finally abandon their, seemingly endless, use of artificial products that contaminate and disruptrepparttar 132242 balance of our delicate ecosystem.

Dr. Hunter, withrepparttar 132243 development of this revolutionary enzyme formula, was nominated forrepparttar 132244 Nobel Prize in Chemistry inrepparttar 132245 early ‘90’s. Starlab,repparttar 132246 manufacture of this proprietary enzyme formula, is currently working towards expanding its product line withrepparttar 132247 development of more environmentally-friendly solutions torepparttar 132248 problems we face in this ever changing world.

They say we are inrepparttar 132249 second “Age of Reason”, butrepparttar 132250 contamination of our environment, that has been our mainstay, is not very rational at all. However, all-natural products that are less expensive and more effective than chemicals (such asrepparttar 132251 product line our company offers) providerepparttar 132252 perfect incentives for consumerism to evolve forrepparttar 132253 better.

Randy Martin is an environmentalist and entrepreneur that lives in Wytheville, VA. He currently sells all-natural, nontoxic cleaning products on his website Please visit

Is Religious freedom Free?

Written by Terry Dashner

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In his book, Islam, Muhammad andrepparttar Koran, Dr. Labib Mikhail, an Egyptian who moved torepparttar 132230 United States in 1973, notes: ‘”The Koran commands Muslims to fight non-Muslims until they exterminate all religions so that Islam will berepparttar 132231 world’s only religion.’” Inrepparttar 132232 Koran, Surat Al-Baqarah 2:193 says, ‘”And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah) and (all and every kind of) worship is for Allah (alone). But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against As-Zatimun (the polytheists and wrongdoers).”’ To a devout Muslim, a polytheist is a Christian, who believes that God is three persons in one.

While we are exploring this topic, we must not overlookrepparttar 132233 persecution of Pentecostal congregations in many European countries. France has many Catholics and Protestants, but France, as well as Germany and other European nations, is a secular society. France’s Revolution inrepparttar 132234 18th century forcedrepparttar 132235 religion of Enlightenment onrepparttar 132236 country and trivialized Christianity. Today, if you go to a secular European country to start a Pentecostal mission, you won’t find religious tolerance forrepparttar 132237 Pentecostal faith. Most likely you will be harassed and badgered byrepparttar 132238 secularists to comply withrepparttar 132239 norm or you will become discouraged and probably leaverepparttar 132240 country on your own.

America’s Constitution protects all religions throughout our Nation, even those that are different from mine. This is a great liberty that many God-fearing Americans take for granted and ignore through indifference. I’m concerned, and I know that you are too. That’s why I’m honored to network with you through e-mail for encouragement and prayer for America. Please pray forrepparttar 132241 Body of Christ aroundrepparttar 132242 world also. Will you continue your support of religious assembly by supporting a church or synagogue of your choice? Remember this, if you don’t exercise your right to worship, you may lose it. Someone might tell you someday by authority of law how or what to worship. May this never happen in America.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. 918-451-0270

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