MySQL Database Handling in PHP

Written by John L

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The @ operator is used to suppress any error messages that mysql_connect() and mysql_select_db() functions may produce if an error occurred. The die() function is used to endrepparttar script execution and display a custom error message.

Executing SQL Statements against a MySQL database

Oncerepparttar 105568 connection and database selection is successfully performed,repparttar 105569 PHP script can now proceed to operate onrepparttar 105570 database using standard SQL statements. The mysql_query() function is used for executing standard SQL statements againstrepparttar 105571 database. Inrepparttar 105572 following example,repparttar 105573 PHP script queries a table called tbl_login inrepparttar 105574 previously selected database to determine if a username/password pair provided byrepparttar 105575 user is valid.

Assumption: The tbl_login table has 3 columns named login, password, last_logged_in. The last_logged_in column storesrepparttar 105576 time thatrepparttar 105577 user last logged intorepparttar 105578 system.

// The $username and $passwd variable should rightly be set byrepparttar 105579 login form // throughrepparttar 105580 POST method. Forrepparttar 105581 purpose of this example, we’re manually coding it. $username = “john”; $passwd = “mypassword”;

// We generate a SELECT SQL statement for execution. $sql="SELECT * FROM tbl_login WHERE login = '".$username."' AND password = '".$passwd."'";

// Executerepparttar 105582 SQL statement againstrepparttar 105583 currently selected database. // The results will be stored inrepparttar 105584 $r variable. $r = mysql_query($sql);

// Afterrepparttar 105585 mysql_query() command executes,repparttar 105586 $r variable is examined to // determine ofrepparttar 105587 mysql_query() was successfully executed. if(!$r) { $err=mysql_error(); print $err; exit(); }

// If everything went well, check ifrepparttar 105588 query returned a result – i.e. ifrepparttar 105589 username/password // pair was found inrepparttar 105590 database. The mysql_affected_rows() function is used for this purpose. // mysql_affected_rows() will returnrepparttar 105591 number of rows inrepparttar 105592 database table that was affected // byrepparttar 105593 last query if(mysql_affected_rows()==0){ print "Username/password pair is invalid. Please try again."; } else {

// If successful, read outrepparttar 105594 last logged in time into a $last variable for display torepparttar 105595 user $row=mysql_fetch_array($r); $last=$row["last_logged_in"]; print “Login successful. You last logged in at ”.$last.”.”;


The above example demonstrated how a SELECT SQL statement is executed againstrepparttar 105596 selected database. The same method is used to execute other SQL statements (e.g. UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, etc.) againstrepparttar 105597 database usingrepparttar 105598 mysql_query() and mysql_affected_rows() functions.

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XML Promises and challenges

Written by Ror Sabo

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Microsoft XML Validation Tool checks that an XML file is well formed.

XML Spy is a powerful XML editor.

XMetaL is an advanced, simple-to-deploy XML authoring tool that delivers an unprecedented ease of use.

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