MyDoom Virus & How YOU can help!

Written by Val Burnett

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The message body will include one ofrepparttar following:

RANDOMIZED CHARACTERS test The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment. sendmail daemon reported: Error #804 occurred during SMTP session. Partial message has been received. The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment. The message contains MIME-encoded graphics and has been sent as a binary attachment. Mail transaction failed. Partial message is available. The attachment will have one ofrepparttar 109563 following filenames:

body doc text document data file readme message


The attachment may have either one or two file extensions. If it does have two, repparttar 109564 first extension will be one ofrepparttar 109565 following:

.htm .txt .doc

The second extension, orrepparttar 109566 only extension if there is only one, will be one ofrepparttar 109567 following: .pif .scr .exe .cmd .bat .zip (This is an actual .zip file that contains a copy ofrepparttar 109568 worm, sharingrepparttar 109569 same file name asrepparttar 109570 .zip. For example, can contain readme.exe.)

We have gathered information for you that will help you get an anti-virus software Program, how to check forrepparttar 109571 virus on your computer and information sites on what a virus is and how to prevent infection. Please make sure you protect YOUR system and prevent further spread through computer systems worldwide!

Removal Tool for MyDoom

How Computer Viruses Work

Tips on Avoiding Computer Worms ips.shtml

All users should go torepparttar 109572 following site. They provide a GREAT and FREE Online Virus Scanner. Scan your computer And make sure you are not infected with a virus! Trend Micro's free online virus Scanner

Anti-Virus Software - Get YOURS TODAY!

There are other Quite a Few Anti-Virus programs out there, some are free, some offer free trials and some are paid. You need to find one that works for you,repparttar 109573 main thing is GET one if you do not already have one. Then Once you have it, make sure to keep it UPDATED regularly.

Here are a couple of Anti-Virus Programs that many of our members and Subscribers already use:

Norton AntiVirus 2004 - FREE TRIAL

AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System - AVG 6.0 Free Edition

Mcaffee - FREE TRIAL

Please make sure you keep your system protected which then will help protect any one in your address book from receiving a virus from you. Inrepparttar 109574 end, if we all do our part, we can slow down and possibly even stop further spread of viruses across computer systems worldwide.

Your Partner In YOUR Success

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Creating Message Rules in MS Outlook 2002 (XP)

Written by Regina Stevens

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Onrepparttar toolbar click Tools, then Rules Wizard

Click onrepparttar 109562 "New" button

Click "Start from a blank rule"

Select "Check messages when they arrive" It may already be highlighted

Click Next

Scroll down and check "with specific words inrepparttar 109563 recipient's address"

Inrepparttar 109564 last white box click onrepparttar 109565 words "specific words"

Type inrepparttar 109566 email address ofrepparttar 109567 person or company you want automatically placed in this particular folder when it arrives to your email account

Click on "Add", OK, and Next

Checkrepparttar 109568 "move to specified folder" Inrepparttar 109569 bottom white box clickrepparttar 109570 underlined text "specified folder"

Click onrepparttar 109571 new folder you created, OK, Next

Check "turn on this rule" if it is not checked

Click Finish

You're done!! Good Luck

Regina Stevens

Regina Stevens is the owner of Keep It Simple Websites ( She has written a few tutorials that are listed on the website to help new computer users.

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