Music For Self Improvement

Written by Steve Gillman

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Music For Brainwave Entrainment

Want to listen to some music, and get smarter, or have instant easy meditation? There are products now that "entrain" your brainwaves, in order to put you in a meditative state. Music is embedded with beats and pulses that entrain your brain waves to a specific frequency. Put inrepparttar right CD or MP3 for your activity, and you get better brain function. Science? Partly.

Brain wave frequencies vary with mental state. Daydreaming and light meditation take place inrepparttar 142988 "Alpha" range of frequencies, for example. So if you listen to music containing beats at a frequency of 10 Hz you will generate more brainwaves at a 10 Hz frequency and enter a relaxed Alpha mental state. Do these things really work?

Yes. I've found two products that put me in a peaceful state unlike any other music or meditative practice. Studies will proverepparttar 142989 effects (some have already), and disproverepparttar 142990 wilder claims. Given my results, however, I wouldn't wait for more research. Many things work long beforerepparttar 142991 scientific proof arrives.

If you are skeptical, you can wait for more evidence ofrepparttar 142992 benefits of brainwave entrainment. Meanwhile, why not try classical music when you study, just to see if it helps? Experiment with music - Mozart isn't dangerous.

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Put Your Sexy On!

Written by Joi Sigers

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Think about it, withrepparttar ridiculously glaring exceptions of Angelina and Johnny, most of Hollywood's "hottest" are really very average-looking. But they think they'rerepparttar 142987 hottest thing going. Next thing you know,repparttar 142988 media's buying into what they're selling, then we all fall for it. People who wouldn't warrant a second look if you saw them onrepparttar 142989 street top "hottest" lists on a regular basis. It all started in their minds. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool!

Two final words:

Ladies: How sexy would you find a man if he kept talking about his weight, kept messing with his hair or kept looking at his reflection in everything that would produce one? Insecure - Not sexy.

Men: How sexy would you find a woman who kept eyeing every member ofrepparttar 142990 opposite sex and flirtting with everyone betweenrepparttar 142991 ages of 9 and 90? Doesn't make you look cool, just desperate for attention. Desperate - not sexy.

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