Murdered woman comes back to help catch her killer.

Written by Stephen Hill

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"I have just been murdered, I know you can help me"

Sue who was obviously shocked, asked how she could help her.

"I want to tell you what has happened to me and I want to describerepparttar killer to you. I then want you to go torepparttar 149116 police station tommorrow to tell them what I have told you. This will help them to findrepparttar 149117 killer, then I will be able to rest in peace."

Sue reluctantly agreed and Lisa disappeared.

Sue did go torepparttar 149118 police and describedrepparttar 149119 killer, telling them many things about him, including that he had a tattoo on his arm withrepparttar 149120 words "crazy fox" on.

The police did not take her as a serious witness, even though they found it strange that she seemed to know so much aboutrepparttar 149121 killing itself.

The murder itself went unsolved for twenty years, until a man was arrested for drink driving. The police took his DNA and it was matched torepparttar 149122 murder of Lisa.

Have a guess what he had tattoed on his arm, "crazy fox".


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People who lucky enough to avoid a terror attack.

Written by Stephen Hill

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They agreed this was a good idea and planned to return early inrepparttar morning. "What shall we do now then" said one ofrepparttar 149075 group of lads. They discussedrepparttar 149076 options and decided to go to a bar and to have a few drinks. A few drinks turned into a lot of drinks. Inrepparttar 149077 morning they all slept in to recover fromrepparttar 149078 alcohol and when they awoke they quickly heardrepparttar 149079 news.

Alcohol had possibly saved their lives.

I met another man who had been in Bali onrepparttar 149080 night ofrepparttar 149081 terrorist attack there. He and his girlfriend had planned to meet another couple in one ofrepparttar 149082 bars which was eventually bombed.

Earlier inrepparttar 149083 dayrepparttar 149084 couple had phoned to cancel as one of them was ill. Another lucky escape!

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