Murder As Government Policy

Written by Ed Howes

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Prison life creates high levels of stress, both for staff and inmates. Stress is known to reduce immune function. Immune function is further reduced when disease takes hold. Immune systems are conversely strengthened by reduced stress and obtaining super nutrition.

Super nutrition is a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, at least doublerepparttar protein needed to maintain health in ordinary circumstances, and dietary supplements. Some ofrepparttar 113504 required supplements are sold through prison commissaries. Prisoners usually need outside support to purchase them. Many more useful supplements are only available from outside suppliers and denied prisoners as a matter of security policy, regardless of how desperaterepparttar 113505 need for them.

For Jimmy and others, Corrections policies are a death sentence. Of course, every prisoner murdered as a matter of policy, opens up a space for someone else. At this point, policy itself is criminal, as isrepparttar 113506 State. I strongly suggest you comparerepparttar 113507 health statistics of prison staff and inmates to those of free society.

Imprisonment is a cruel but usual punishment. Because it is usual, it is lawful. Except in cases of murder and kidnapping, it is never ethical or moral. It fits only those two crimes. When people are caged like animals for any and every social transgression, they become animals, unfit to live with others in civil society. Yetrepparttar 113508 law forces their release and they will prey on society. Many state governments are coming torepparttar 113509 realization that one- punishment- fits- all crimes policies are not sustainable. Eventuallyrepparttar 113510 economic costs become overwhelming. Social costs are seldom considered at all. They should be.

I need your help in my effort to save Jimmy's life. He could receive a proper diet with little trouble. Give me permission and some way to get dietary supplements to Jimmy from legitimate suppliers. We would greatly appreciate your help and a timely response in this matter. We thank you for your attention and consideration. Let's save some lives and set examples.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Ed Howes

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Freelance writer published on websites and in newspapers.

The Prison Mirror (part of Prison Series)

Written by Ed Howes

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Drugs! Notrepparttar 183 billion dollars' worth onrepparttar 113503 government approved, monopoly supplied drug market, butrepparttar 113504 ones a once free people choose from a different list,repparttar 113505 "bad" drugs. The great war on drugs, lost before it began, but continued to expand government power and control; is now responsible for about half ofrepparttar 113506 nation's prison population, which isrepparttar 113507 largest inrepparttar 113508 world, I think I heard.

There is no doubt in a majority of American minds, that a person who uses any drug not yet approved by government, should have their lives destroyed by prison beforerepparttar 113509 drugs can do much harm. They thinkrepparttar 113510 prohibition of drugs makes people safer, whilerepparttar 113511 inflated costs make it necessary to rob them and burglarize their homes to feed extravagant addictions. What wise and merciful people! They were victims of twisted logic, long beforerepparttar 113512 robbery. It is prison that has becomerepparttar 113513 most powerful narcotic in America. We know if we build a hundred more, there will not be enough. How long before it becomes a crime inrepparttar 113514 land ofrepparttar 113515 free, to publish what I'm saying?

The past four generations have been told to go off to foreign lands and fight and die to keep America free. The people who tell us this, then build more prisons to keep allrepparttar 113516 free people. If we took our high school students to visit prisons and gave them a term paper assignment to come up with better punishments, we could begin to learn justice and transformrepparttar 113517 existing Just Us system.

Capital punishment. The Bible says you must have two witnesses to indict on a capital crime. We can assumerepparttar 113518 qualifiers of honorable, credible witnesses, not criminals with offers of reduced sentences for testimony. The two witness provision made it harder to indict. I'm not sure that circumstantial evidence is acceptable as one witness either. The point is that under Bible law, you are more likely to free a capital criminal than to execute an innocent person. DNA testing has confirmed that we do itrepparttar 113519 other way round. Executerepparttar 113520 innocent to be sure and punishrepparttar 113521 guilty.

President Bush has no problem with this. He was pleased to do it routinely asrepparttar 113522 Governor ofrepparttar 113523 great, error free State of Texas. DNA has proven otherwise in Texas. Did President Bush ever apologize torepparttar 113524 families of those he wrongfully executed? Does he have any clue how many innocent lives he has taken as Governor or President? Does he care? We know now he is all American. He is probablyrepparttar 113525 most appropriate representative of American society we ever had. "Don't bother us with details. We have people to kill and prisons to build." No one should be surprised that we arerepparttar 113526 most despised nation on earth. We are worthy of hatred. Foreign policy is all about Just Us too.

An America that refuses to look at its prisons is likerepparttar 113527 vampire who cannot tolerate his own reflection. Until it does so, it is a society with a seared conscience, fit for destruction and little else. Destruction byrepparttar 113528 pound. Destruction byrepparttar 113529 ton. Run and hide. We have it coming!

Freelance writer published on websites and in newspapers.

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