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Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Come on John, if you were about to go out on your own, would you rely onrepparttar sources you quote in your story and wade deeply throughrepparttar 117911 mire of that bureaucratic gobbledygook to get torepparttar 117912 occassional gem? How about sources like where I am proud to be a columnist in their guest expert section on Small Business Ecommerce at:

How about true home business based sites like (short for "A Home Based Business Online" run by Elena Fawkner).

How about truly valuable stuff for independent professionals at sites like

run by Paul Siegel where valuable community among freelancers helps all become better business owners?

One of your listed sources is

Where I used to have a link to my website until they beganrepparttar 117913 requirements ofrepparttar 117914 new which requires that linked sites cross promote and that partners must serve a minimum of 150,000 pageviews a month from their own sites. Now you must be a Goliath to be listed by Goliaths.

The same happened atrepparttar 117915 former small business section of whererepparttar 117916 entire category was dropped and merged withrepparttar 117917 ecommerce section, which then dropped all ofrepparttar 117918 Davids from their Goliath-only links list!

Now we see all overrepparttar 117919 web how Goliaths are courting business from Davids as they suddenly realize that we make up almost 50% ofrepparttar 117920 US economy. Oh really? What a surprise! Big business falters after absorbing all of each other's money, then begins luring smaller fish when they've eaten allrepparttar 117921 big ones. I did a piece on that as well at:

I have a much better list. Here's a few additional sites for you to review so you can gain a true understanding of whatrepparttar 117922 little guy truly needs to survive as a small business. I'm not too proud to list my own site.

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No, I Mean Really Small Business!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Set to capitalize on peer to peer technology in a huge way, they are offering a browser "skin" that allows linking to and download from other desktop users -- any digital content you like from ebooks to music. But they've worked out a way to pay YOU for it! This site is still in beta and will go live soon. (Bookmark it!)

Affordable advertising forrepparttar little guy. And guess what?! You'll be inrepparttar 117910 rack withrepparttar 117911 big boys. It's open to even you and I on a first-come first-served basis. Your postcard on racks right beside American Express and major manufacturers in big cities!

Various payment processing solutions forrepparttar 117912 small business online. These folks have been around for awhile and although they take a hefty chunk of sales, it beats some ofrepparttar 117913 other options for little tiny businesses like mine. ;-)

These folks were a big hit atrepparttar 117914 show. As attendees lined up to grab CIhost tchotchkes like keychains and pens with thier logos on them, sales staff started throwing CIhost t-shirts torepparttar 117915 crowd. Good natured fun, and not reason enough to choose a web host, but they offer top-notch customer service as a key component of sales. Good pricing and great webmaster revenue share affiliate program.

Back-up and restore software that tops anything I've seen for system crash recovery. $40 bucks that could save you thousands in lost time and information. You just gotta check this one out! It's unbelievable in it's power to get you back up and running after an ugly system failure.

My favorite crowd pleasing publicity stunt was from

Your picture with a friendly Tarantula on your shoulder. They offer a wonderful product aimed atrepparttar 117916 small to mid-sized ISP or company with it's own servers. Traffic spikes and heavy bandwidth users gain stability and reduce peak loads. Where does that spider come in?

Unbelievably, there are more. But I'll save them for later. Good show. Most journalists were discussingrepparttar 117917 low crowd count and a few no-show show demonstrators. I was real happy to haverepparttar 117918 chance to talk with some innovators without too much t-shirt tossing and was glad to see Siebel Systems salespeople with nothing to do. Little-guy solution providers were quite busy.

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