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Written by Adrian Kennelly

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Free Online Services

Offer a free online service from your web site. The online service could be an e-mail account, search engine submission or e-mail consulting, etc.

Free Information

Offer valuable free information from your web site. The information could be a report, article, e-book, online audio recording or e-mail course, etc.

Free Affiliate Program

Offer a free affiliate program from your web site. The affiliate program could be pay per sale, click through, two tiered, etc.

Now, I know, there are many other ways to get links like trading or exchanging links with other web sites or joining a banner exchange. You can also do joint ventures or cross promoting. I feel these are not as effective as multiplying your links. I hope this article can help you increase traffic to your web site.

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Link-exchange (Important tips)

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

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6-TRY to exchange link just with websites who have a Google PageRank of more than 3.

7-TRACK your results using ClickTracker programs. You must findrepparttar best related key terms to your business andrepparttar 105613 best websites for targeted visitors.

8-CONTINUE this process!!!!!! Exchange link until at least 100 links back to your website.

Good luck. ------------------------------------ Hamoon Arbabi You can find more detail about Link-exchange, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing tactics, Business opportunities, Services, Tools and... in


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