Written by Darryl Shafto

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“Whenrepparttar time came to replace our existing fleet we looked at all our options

andrepparttar 102776 Daewoo from Goscor seemedrepparttar 102777 best option consideringrepparttar 102778 price,repparttar 102779 quality ofrepparttar 102780 machine andrepparttar 102781 service. In addition, in Denny’s harsh environment,repparttar 102782 oil-cooled disc brake feature is of great benefit in terms of downtime reduction.“ says Denny’s Hector Goodwin.“ So far our decision has been vindicated by bothrepparttar 102783 performance ofrepparttar 102784 machine and ofrepparttar 102785 Goscor team,” he says.

Micheal Keats, Goscor Durban Branch Manager, says that he is delighted that two important companies like Digistics and Denny Mushrooms are now inrepparttar 102786 stable.

“These are two companies where lifting equipment is a critical item and I regard it as a feather in our cap that they have chosen our company as their service providers. “

Since its inception in 1984, Goscor has not only provided best practice industrial solutions, it has also created authentic partnerships with its customers, suppliers and principals. This, coupled with its market-leading Crown and Daewoo products, has helpedrepparttar 102787 company show exceptional growth every year and become one ofrepparttar 102788 leading suppliers inrepparttar 102789 materials handling industry.

Goscor Lift Truck company, part of the Goscor Group of companies, has since 1984 , offers a world class sales and support service in the lift truck industry. Goscor Lift Truck Company is the sole distributor in South Africa of two of the most famous brands, namely Crown and Daewoo.

Researching a Car That is Right For You

Written by Kevin Schappell

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Now how do you getrepparttar information which is on your list? Here is a list of excellent resources to use in your search. Offline: ·Consumer Reports Magazine ·Auto Week magazine ·Your local newspaper's auto section ·Local dealers Online: ·Consumer Reports - requires a subscription just likerepparttar 102775 magazine. · ·Kelly Blue Book ·NADA guide book · After your research is done you should have a clear picture of which car is right for you. What do you say? Clear as mud? Well take a step back and if you have 2 vehicles which are comparable you will then have to resort to one ofrepparttar 102776 following. Go with your gut feeling. You knowrepparttar 102777 one which says getrepparttar 102778 Porsche notrepparttar 102779 Yugo. Ask your wife, husband or SO. (you might want to let them in onrepparttar 102780 decision a little earlier than this if they will be drivingrepparttar 102781 car too.) Flip a coin. Ask your god for some divine intervention? Good luck!

Kevin Schappell maintains where he gives advice on car maintenance, buying, selling, insurance, and financing. A mechanical engineer and car expert, Kevin has decided to spend his online time helping others learn about automobiles.

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