Moving to Spain and Surviving!

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

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It also takes a significant investment and effort on your part to find true acceptance and getting torepparttar stage where you really feel you ‘belong’ in your Spanish community will take time, effort and above all perseverance.

Expectation versus Reality

Moving abroad won’t necessarily ‘fix’ your life - if you do move abroad you won’t escape your history, you won’t escape who you are, you won’t escape all ofrepparttar 141561 day to day grind and you may not always improve your quality of life! So make sure you have realistic expectations of your new life in Spain before you go and know that living in Spain will be very different to holidaying in Spain.

YES your new life abroad can offer you so much more …but just make sure your expectations can matchrepparttar 141562 reality and rememberrepparttar 141563 saying – life isn’t necessarily a beach just because you live beside one!

Health & Wellbeing

One ofrepparttar 141564 saddest reasons people cite when giving up their dream of a new life abroad is health and wellbeing. The trap isrepparttar 141565 price, availability and quality of health care in their ‘new’ country. Please look atrepparttar 141566 local Spanish health care facilities, think about long term and respite care, consider health insurance for all your family and basically don’t bury your head inrepparttar 141567 sand! If you considerrepparttar 141568 worst case scenario and protect yourself against it, chances are you will be prepared for everything and will financially survive.

Last But Not Least - Money

THE most common reasons for people returning ‘home’ with their dreams shattered is that they simply run out of money.

If you’re moving to Spain and hoping to find work you need to know that unemployment inrepparttar 141569 country is way aboverepparttar 141570 EU average, if you don’t speak Spanish you’ll struggle and some of your qualifications may not be recognised in Spain. If you’re considering downsizing when you move to Spain it can be more than just a shock torepparttar 141571 system to leave a well paying job to become a pool cleaner. If you’ve sold up and released equity to live on have you honestly thought about how long you can practically live on this amount? What about affording your retirement years, trips back to your home country, health care, transportation andrepparttar 141572 unexpected costs that spring up when we least expect them?

There are ways to afford to live on less and there are ways to make what you have go far further. The bottom line is - to survive in Spain you simply MUST consider your financial position before you make ANY move.

Good luck in realising and securing your dream.

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Siberia, Russia Part 5 – Khabarovsk and a Little Russian

Written by Rick Chapo

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I am a huge fan of ice hockey. Duringrepparttar eighties and nineties, many ofrepparttar 141544 best players were Russians. In interviews, they almost always talked about learning English by watching television. If it worked for them, it would work for me. Not exactly.

As Grae showered, I flipped throughrepparttar 141545 eight available channels. Sitcoms were a non-starter, but I eventually found a news channel. I seerepparttar 141546 images. I know whatrepparttar 141547 images are. I hearrepparttar 141548 words being spoken byrepparttar 141549 reporters. I have absolutely no idea of what words go with what images. Okay, let’s back up. What words do they use over and over? Damn, do they have to talk so fast? After 30 minutes, I have learned nothing, nada, zippo. My respect for Russians playing inrepparttar 141550 NHL has never been higher.

Might as well sleep on it. Yes, day three ofrepparttar 141551 trip was finally done. My original prediction of a 2-day trip was outrepparttar 141552 window. Still, we were in Russia, so how much longer could it take? Pull out a map and take a look atrepparttar 141553 country. It is twicerepparttar 141554 size ofrepparttar 141555 U.S.

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